8 Loyalties of Personal Religion Seminar

The 8 Loyalties of Personal Religion Sunday Seminar led by Addam From Adam goes over framework in which you can build and create with confidence your own personal religion to help you maximize your personal spiritual experience and growth.

The Sunday Seminar start at 6:00pm till 7:00pm  in the Little 5 Points Community Center located at 1083 Austin Ave Ne Atlanta Ga 30307

(Donation Request of Atleast $10 minimum per course)

Week 1: Where the H*$# Did Religion come From?? Why our nature requires one?

Week 2: Loyatly I; Creating your personal prayer

Week 3: Loyalty II;  Rituals – Work-Play-Progress

Week 4: Loyalty III; Creating your personal CARE plan

Week 5: Loyalty IV; Discovering Your Calling

Week 6: Loyalty V; Developing your Sacred Calender

Week 7: Loyalty VI; Alighning Your Econmical Sustance Plan

Week 8: Loyalty VII; Practing the Art of Being Sincere

Week 9: Loyalty VIII: Finding your Sacred Text of Truth

Week 10: Sharing Our 8 Loyalties


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