Addam’s Story

Addam’s Story

piedmontparkIn the summer of 2000 I experienced an extremely transcendental spiritual experience that overwhelmed with  me an amazing feeling of purpose and peace about being alive and on the earth.

My thirst for the truth of that experiences and my desire to help others have a similar experiences led me to get involve with a Christian ministry called the Impact Movement International my Junior Year of College.

After graduating from college I got an opportunity to work full time with The Impact Movement helping many students experience radical transformation in all areas of their lives just like had experience during my time as student involved in this ministry.

Although I knew and experienced in my heart the peace and fulfillment that comes from being in your purpose I begin to doubt that I needed to be in Full-Time ministry and after my year was up I left to seek employment in the “real world.”

No matter what job I took I always seemed to become the ” spiritual formation coach” whether I was  tutoring college athletes,  leasing apt homes, waiting tables, or enrolling students as an admission counselor for LIFE U, my calling would always emerge.

In 2011 I got to a place where I knew I had to make some changes. That Fall I enrolled in a Master’s of Divinity program at Mercer University and the knowing of my purpose to serve others in a full time capacity was reawakened.

During this time in school I have re-committed to using my gifts and talents for the service to others and started my own ministry in which I will be able to help enrich and inspire others in their spiritual formation process.


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