Fall 2018 Forecast For Each Zodiac:

Here is my first ever Zodiac forecast: I used a 3 card Tarot Spread for each zodiac sign, seeking to gain clarity on (1) the previous seasonal experience, (2) what they can expect for the current season at hand, and (3) how it will effect the following season approaching. I started with Gemini, because I am a Gemini, and its the start of the zodiac year for me.  I ended each forecast with a biblical verse or verses to be used for mediation and study to help awaken some inner truth that can be used to empower and inspire you to during your season. 

Gemini: Your Summer was supposed to be sweet, you established/renewed/found some deep connections and bonds with others that could serve as a foundation for beneficial partnerships in the years to come.  However, now that the Fall has arrived its time to set aside some of the heavy socializing/fellowshipping from the summer and get back to your singleness of focus to insure your personal plans of service, work and progress. Lots of opportunities will be available for you this fall if you are prepared to meet them and when this Winter comes and blankets you, you will be quite satisfied with the results of your Fall efforts, just. “Be ye also ready”! Meditate on Matthew 24:43-44

Cancer: You may have possibly took a lazy approach to summer, and it was needed after your busier than normal winter and spring. But now its time to ‘Play the Part’, and do what you came here for. Your Fall quarter will constantly be demanding you to be You, and do what only you can do for others and the world. This means get ready  to Empathize, Harmonize and Sympathize with others who will be looking to you to make them feel normal and at ease while in the midst of their sub-normality and emotional dis-ease.  My friend, you may want to run away from the duty, but your more than capable of being there for them, and your at your best when you make others feel ok about their feelings. Watch out for your selfishness and prude tendencies, if you give into the lures of selfishness this fall, then your Winter will  surely be a cold one.  Meditate on Matthew 25:34-46

Leo: You were tempted to spend a lot of time thinking about your future life, hopes and dreams this summer, the place your mind doesn’t really belong. Now that the Fall has arrived you may find yourself  lacking or without that inner fulfillment and sweet satisfaction as you reflect on a summer mostly spent in your head. You can’t get your summer back  but you can pay it forward. Find others who’s summer efforts have left them feeling rewarded and partner and join in with their joy. If you have a close friend who got started a new relationship, buy that friend a ticket for two to a play, movies or fancy restaurant. Or if someone in your circle is beginning a new venture or enterprise give away your time, talent, or money to help support them. Its never about us, but for you this Fall it is really about being there for others and giving away what you have for the sake of another’s progress and adding to their joy. Meditate on Matthew 6:25-34)

Virgo: This summer could have been ‘your season’ when it came to material blessings. You could have lived it up or saved it all up, but either way for the most part you didn’t have to go without or think twice about ‘making it a large‘ for a dollar more. Now that the Fall is here your star is rising and other’s will be taking notice of your light and coming for you from every angle and corner. Now is the time for you to truly get the understanding that you are a light to the world, a light not meant to be hidden but to shine.  Don’t be afraid to pour out yourself for others, give your time away with wisdom, give words that affirm and do not hurt. Let your presence and personality be refreshing to those who come in contact with you and to those who request your presence make them glad they did. Make yourself available this Fall, use your influence and your “star power” to win as many friends for yourself as you can, and when your Winter sets in, you will have gained quite the awareness of your self that you never knew was there and indirectly create even more space to receive and manage abundance. Meditate on Matthew 5:11-16

Libra: It seems you were not meant to hold on to your money or material wealth this summer, but instead you were supposed to buy and invest.  Well, if you made good choices with your spending or investments then this Fall you could enjoy some sweet returns or enjoyments on your purchases. Look to celebrate this Fall, and of course you should because its your birthday season. Just keep it intimate and authentic but definitely celebrate with those who love to love you. It appears you haven’t truly celebrated enough this past year, so let this final quarter of 2018 be about celebrating life with those you love and those who love to love you. You may have attended other people celebrations but its time for you now to do more than show up but to actually celebrate.   If you give yourself permission to raise your cup and toast to the life you have lived and the living yt to come, then you’ll find yourself refreshed and reborn by the winter and ready to receive a deeply soul satisfying winter experience that your deeply in need of. Meditate on Ecclesiastes 3:9-13

Scorpio:  Your summer was filled with opportunities for refreshing play and sweet satisfactions, and if you didn’t act on those opportunities you’ll have another season to do so. Don’t be too hard on yourself for your lack of engagement this summer if you were simply not in the mood. This summer you were being ‘worked on’ and getting some healing on some childhood issues and traumas resolved. Now that the Fall is here you can loosen up a bit and take a break from the heaviness of work or projects. If you can, seek to put things on auto pilot or automation and just enjoy being in the world with ease and grace. Take a solo vacation this birthday or just take the day off to do nothing. You may not want to have a big birthday celebration like your Libra Cousins but instead ask everyone to contribute to a special purchase that you’ve have been delaying for yourself. It could be a new TV, a Touch Screen Desktop or New Iphone. Remember Scorpio You have not cause you ask not. Meditate on Revelations 3:7-10

Sagittarius: You had a chance to put forth a great effort this past Summer getting things complete and clear with your family or early life influences. Now that those relationships have been somewhat mended or somewhat resolved, its time to get right with you and you this Fall. This fall will be about learning how to figure out who you are and who you are not all over again. Think of being a teenager again, and if you are a teenager reading this then you are evolving right along according to plans. If you are not a teenager and reading this, then Sagittarius you need to self-assess and reexamine your personality and how you can make your life work better for you now that you are able to see that your past wasn’t really about the others as much as it was about your responses to the others. If you do some psychological and emotional surgery this fall you’ll be moving to a much more harmonious life in the winter in which your outer world will finally start to match your inner personality and desires.  Meditate on Matthew 5:25-30

Capricorn: You were tempted to spend much of your summer frustrated or even angry for not getting what you wanted or for not having what you thought you wanted. It’s not that you didn’t get what you wanted it was that you were not clear on what you wanted and why. Now this fall you must get back to your practical and matter of fact ways in knowing exactly what you want and why you want it. This fall for you is getting back to the basics, and Capricorn that means you getting back to taking responsibility for your life and the joy and happiness you desire. If you can get real and honest and practical with your desires and work towards a plan to receive them during this fall, then you will have a Winter that brings you many wonderful options and paths for you to build an even more productive and positive home, work, and play life. Meditate on Psalm 103:1-5

Aquarius: You were tempted to spend your summer being lost and unfocused, each week you probably found your mind with a new distraction. This fall you’ll be more focused because your spiritual nature will be more dominate after a somewhat collapse of the ego you had late this summer.  Its time to be creative and master your talent and craft. You have a message to master that the world is waiting on you to deliver. This Fall is would behoove you to focus on mastering your talent and skills because this Winter you will be called upon to deliver. Like your Gemini Brother, you too need to be ye ready! Meditate on Matthew 25:14-30

Pisces:  If you didn’t get the message this Spring, you surely got the message this Summer, its over, and the time is up. The boring day to day work routine, the longed for love interest, the bad lifestyle habits, its time Pisces to give one of them or all of them up and walk away. And Lord knows its been a long time coming but the change had to come.  Now since you’re a creature of feelings and flow this isn’t going to be a thrilling Fall experience because you will be forced to turn your back on your emotional hopes and investments and forge ahead in a new direction.  But you love the unknown, so you should find some thrill in ‘not knowing’ where your cups of satisfactions will come from,  but only knowing for sure that a cup that runs over is coming. But you must walk or ‘swim’ away and look in another direction. If you are able to do this then your winter will find you strong and resolved and back in your place of power and pose that you most comfortably operate from and in.  Meditate on Psalms 27:13-14

Aires: Hopefully you got the ball rolling on some things this summer and if so then movement is happening so be ready to handle this Fall what you got started this summer or it will handle you! Leave no stone uncovered, not detailed unchecked. Make space and get ready to be busy getting what needs to be got. Don’t take a break now, keep at it and don’t be afraid to move anything or anyone out the way that is taken up space and your time. Time will be limited for you this Fall so waste no time letting things slip by you and not gathering up what you need or have earned.  Don’t even waste time questioning that which is being offered to you, just receive it. You’ll have plenty of down time in the Winter to sort out and qualify all that you have gathered and collected this Fall, but in the mean time get to the getting.  Meditate on Luke 16: 1-18

Taurus: You may have been tempted to loose your cool a time or two this summer and let those stubborn tendencies get the best of you. Well this Fall you’ll have more opportunities to develop patience and learn and cultivate the excellent virtue of compromise and humility. Actually Taurus you can expect at least two more seasons of learning humility, but if you are ok with some voluntary self-effacement this Fall, by the Winter you will find it quite easy to ask for some mentoring and guidance. Yes you are the rock and stable influence for others either in your family or your role at work, but you’ll need to reach out for some coaching and mentoring of your own these next two seasons. Your being taken to another level in your life and you’ll need to be comfortable not knowing what your doing and learning how to do new things or old things in new ways. Be ok learning from those who you think you should be teaching, remember in this world everyone teaches and everyone learns.  Meditate on John 13:12-17

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Re: A Life of Labor

I want to address a national epidemic that too often affects way too many of us, myself included. The epidemic is this massive lie that we have gone into the agreement with which make us believe we are not meant to find love in our labor to  society.


And I want to tell you mot only is it a lie but it’s a deadly virus that still your day to Day joy and joy is your strength to endure the ebb and flows of life on earth


It is true, that not everyone of us will be able to labor in our love but every one us must make sure we are able to find love (worthwhile and meaningful) in that which we labor.


And please erase the silly notion of working to not work or work so you can retire from work. Humans were made for labor and service. And when you die and are on your death bed you’ll realize most of your life was spent for the service and labor for other’s pleasure and benefit.


Even if you choose not work a day in your life, you will still end up being primarily used by others for the sake of others. There is no away around it.


You come to earth to serve and when you die you’ll realize with either a sense of purpose and dignity that your life was poured out for others or you’ll be embittered with resentment that all your efforts and labor will now be left for the enjoyment and satisfaction of others.


So as you labor, do it with love and if you can’t find love in your labor then you need to labor away at finding something else you can love to labor at. Its your top duty and responsibility.


Now go ye therefore and labor away.

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Friends, Lovers, and Summer Fun . .

. . . Don’t Let them Distract You From Your Work and Personal Progress.

Although the summer is definitely the time for play and fun with friends and lovers don’t forget to stick to your personal plans for personal progress.

When it comes to real lasting joy and happiness, nothing guarantees your heart’s gladness like achieving some personal progress in your life.

Maybe this summer you forgo the weekend pool parties to finish your blogs or clean out your garage.

You may even consider skipping this years Family Reunion to attend a weekend workshop and conference that can help enhance your confidence and clarity with your gifts and talents and purpose.

Maybe take that vacation ALONE  just to get caught up on the first 5 chapters of that novel, bio, or e-book that you know you have been called to write and bring forth.

Whatever the real work and personal progress is that you been putting off, and you know that you know what it is be careful to not let the Summer fun with friends and lovers keep you too distracted.

Just think of how much more you can enjoy with them next summer or even in the winter with your personal progress achieved!

If you need some inspiration or clarity regarding your work and personal progress goal

Click Here to book a summer only discounted discovery session with me to help get clear on a personal plan for achieving more progress in your life.

Until we talk . . . Don’t Let them Distract You From Your Work and Personal Progress.


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The Secret To Your Pain

The Law of Attraction is always on and working to match you to the inner you. The Law of Attraction is the Secret, the secret to your pain or your gain. Your inner experience is the source of all that your are attracting in your life or those unwanted situations you keep finding yourself being attracted to.

Twenty years ago the singer/songwriter Lauryn Hill asked “How you gonna win, when you ain’t right within?”, and that is the most relevant question in your life at all times my friend.

The Inner You Is The Drawing Board

Your inner experience is either drawing you to the situations or drawing situations and experiences to you. It is really true, when you change your inner experience, your outer experiences begin to shift. When you posses the inner experience you desire in your heart, you’ll never need to posses it in your hands, and when you no longer need something, that’s when it always shows up.

Shift Your Frequency

This new prayer technique I’ve created helps brings instant relief and relief to all kinds of emotional di-ease and mental agitation.

If you would like some help at shifting your inner experience I highly recommend this session.

This prayer technique is done three parts:

1. Identifying one’s current source of frustration or anxiety and the level of intensity associated with it.

2. Identifying the negative functioning narrative associated with the frustrations.

3.Opening one up to receive immediately a new inner experience in their innermost self and on a cellular level in order for healing to occur.

For those who have already experienced a few sessions have immediately felt extremely lighter and clearer and released from the situation that was the source of their current frustration and emotional di-ease.

Well I hope you all have found this email enlightening and if you would like my help at shifting your inner vibrational frequency click here to schedule your “Frequency Re-Alignment Technique”

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Reclaiming Self Worth

Your personal sense of worth is the major determinant regarding how you respond to everything that happens in your life; every interaction, and every situation.

From how you give and receive money, to how you give and receive love and affection, even how aggressive or passive you drive in traffic, all these responses are being dictated by your sense of worthiness.

 Self Worth vs. Self Esteem

Not to be confused with your self-esteem, your self-worth is your perceived sense of innate goodness based on your mere presence alone.

Your self-esteem is your confidence in your abilities or more specifically your ability to maintain or exceed the status quo or your social-cultural norms and mores. One can have a high degree of self-esteem but a low sense of self- worth. Self-esteem may make you feel “entitled” . . which sounds like “I’ve worked hard and deserve to get what I want” . . etc but it doesn’t do anything for your sense of worth.

Your sense of self worth/self-value is the answer to one basic question “how valuable do you feel your presence alone is”, take away your talent, your abilities, your looks, your status, and ask yourself how valuable do you feel you are without those things?

Hidden Deep In your Memory 

The truth of how you really feel about your innate value or worthiness lays hidden deep in your subconscious where it creates your external reality.

Mostly lies we have either inherited or came up with when we were young, your true sense of worth is usually not really known until you find yourself in the midst of hardship, rejection, or disappointment. It is during these low points we hear them in our mind as “I knew I’d never find love” or “I’d knew it was too good to be true for me” or “I feel guilty for receiving  . . ” . .etc

If you have the courage to sit with these thoughts and truly investigate them what you will discover is some lie that you went into agreement with a long long time ago about what you are allowed to experience or deserve in life, and no matter how hard you have sought to prove yourself through your education, looks, friends, and social status, your sense of self-worth remains the same.

Technology for Reclaiming Worthiness 

The basis of all religions has always been to exist as a psychological technology help you establish as basis for your sense of worthiness through connecting with spiritual realities or truth. Some have failed, some  have worked, some work not so well. But because of our limited senses, and our own mental psychological structures the great paradox is that you will have to find a rock, an anchor of truth outside yourself to re-align yourself to your inner truth and worthiness.

The world’s largest two religions have served humanity for centuries in regards to mental technology that helps one establish and reclaiming self-worth/self value

Christianity: – Your value is based on your faith in Jesus and his sacrifice for your wrongness allowing you to base your sense of worth on his horrific death on the cross in the place of your deserved punishment or any sense of not feeling “good enough”.

Islam: – helps you establish a sense of worthiness by giving you an easy set of rules to follow and adhere too and makes it easy and clearly set forth for you for you to align your actions with through “worthy actions” that if you follow will give you an improved sense of worth due to your peace with and blessings from Allah.

Your personal Religion: – If you feel you have evolved beyond institutional or indoctrinated religions your mental structure may still require you to have some personal narrative of truth distilled from your own personal spiritual experiences. Have you taken time to articulate your personal truths, do you have personal prayer/mantra that you can align to and use as the basis of your worthiness as human being on planet earth. How do you articulate to yourself your truth of the ultimate reality of who you are and your innate worth?

Reclaiming your worth will be an ongoing process that you will be constantly engaging in the rest of your life and without some anchor of truth you can hold on to when the reality or outer appearances suggest to your mind your worth has been compromised you will not be able to thrive on this planet.

It is my prayer and desire for you that you will know in frequency and truth the truth of your value like a diamond that you are.

Click here to schedule your next reading or any other mentoring or psychic service. 

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Why You Must ‘Get Out’ Before This Summer Ends

We still have a lot more summer left, and in this post I want to encourage you to ‘Get Out’ more!

1.’Get Out’ of your mind; Some of ya’ll been so dominated this summer by “what would others say”, that you’ve missed divine opportunities to express your ideas, humor, creativity in ways that motivate and inspire others.

2. ‘Get Out’ of your clothes; Yes you heard me correctly, get naked and expose that body to this summer Sun and the natural elements. When was the last time you let your bare feet touch the grass and dirt? The Sun rays have lots of natural vitamin D that’s very beneficial to our health, So go expose those toes, and those always covered parts of your body that only the Lord knows.

3. ‘Get Out’ from up under those evil conversations; Our lives revolve around the narratives in our head, the narratives we have among our friends, the narratives we inherit from our families, the narratives we hear in the movies and on the news. We can’t help but be involved in some narrative, its just the way we are wired. But please check those narratives you partake in that do not speak highly of yourself, other people, races or groups.

4. “Get Out” of your town!! Even if its just a ride over to the next town or border state, you’ll be surprised what an easy little road trip can do for your life. The beach or a vacation may not be your reality this summer, but that don’t let that stop you from getting out of ‘your town’.

So Cheers to you for getting out this summer! Be sure to keep a journal or post pics to your social media!


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What To Expect After Making A Complete Fool of Yourself.

  1. The FoolSelf-Discovery. – The greatest discoveries on the planet where found by “fools”. Learning brings about awareness and awareness brings about transformation.
  2. Transformation.  – The goal of life is evolution, humans evolve by trial and error. Infants learn to walk by falling.
  3. The ability to Inspire.  – Humans are inspired by the trial and error of others. The Wright Brothers were inspired to build their airplane after reading about the failed and disastrous results of others ‘fools’ who tried.
  4. The loss of Self-Importance. – After you have made a fool of yourself and you live to see the next day. You realize that you’re not as important as you thought you were.
  5. Less stress – Loosing self-importance immediately allows you to relax and feel safe going with the flow, without extra stress of trying to control what happens to you while in the flow.
  6. More energy. – It is exhausting trying to control and fight for your self-importance. Trying to keep your ego intact is draining and takes vital energy that can be used elsewhere.
  7. Mastery.  When you stop feeling important, you get important work done. You master several things as easily as one when you leave yourself out. Your success brings you respect and power, and other people take you very serious because of the work you’ve been able to accomplish.
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Summer Brings The Heat. Will You Shine or Simmer?

sunshineSummer is always the season for major change and transformations to occur in our lives. The Sun’s heat is a major catalyst for all of Earth’s creation and we as humans are not exempt.

Think about it . . . recall some of your most paradigm shifting – magic invoking – soul shifting experiences and I’m willing to bet that they either took place during the summer or the stage was set for them during the summer.

Whether it was meeting your first true love, or your first spiritual “born again” experience, or your first try of drugs, whatever it was, you can bet that by the time that summer was over you were not the same you.

Well expect this summer to be no different, the catalyst for change will arise, and how you respond and react will either bring you closer to your joy or deeper in your misery.

You will either raise your vibration or lower it. You will either grow or get stuck but you will not be the same person when these dog days of summer are over come September 23, 2017.

Are You Excited!? Or Are You Scared?

Here are some helpful tips that can help you shine in the Sun verses simmering in the heat.

1. Create a summer calendar, and schedule and commit to daily mediation and prayer time (at least 15 min a day)

2. Find a coach or mentor that can serve as an extra source of awareness to keep you aware and awoke as you seek to stay aligned with your highest Vibration!

3. Join or start meeting regularly with a spiritual support group with other people committed to raising their vibration as well as being awoke and aware.

These are just a few of many tools to help you shine all summer long and not simmer. I wish you all the best and I want to be the first to officially welcome you to your summer of 2017!

Click here to schedule your next reading or mentoring session. 

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A Summer Gift To Get You Started!

I Am presenceCongratulations on making it through the first six months of 2017!!

Are you ready to charge full speed ahead into these next six months, doing what you need to do to manifest a new and better you by 2020?!?

To many times our human tendency is to overestimate what we can change in 6 months or a year and underestimate what we can make happen in 2 – 3 years.

You may not be able to change your job/career in 3 weeks or 3 months, but I guarantee that if you get clarity and a plan you can be in a different lifestyle in 3 years!

Well I want to help you in your journey towards 2020 and I want to gift you with two awesome deals as a mid-year gift to support and inspire you’re forward progress in the remaining six months of 2017.

The 1st gift is a new service I’m calling “The 6 Month Personal Almanac”

The 6 Month Personal Almanac is an intuitive psychic reading that seeks to affirm, confirm, and illuminate the probable forthcoming actions, energies, patterns and tendencies in your 6 month future. This is an ideal asset when planning and setting future goals regarding personal or spiritual growth.

The 2nd gift is $1/1min service exchange for all my offerings including the “6 Month Personal Almanac” for all readings booked between 5/25/17 – 5/31/17.

My intention for this offering is to empower you with the insight and affirmation needed to take charge over the next 6 months as we move closer and closer to 2020 and the new you!

Looking forward to talking to you soon!

Peace & Blessings
Click Here to Book Your 1$/1min Reading Before 5/31/17

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