What Type of Spiritual Support Do You Need?

We all have moments of crisis in our lives when we know we need the support of others, but with so many different kinds of spiritual support providers it can sometimes be another challenge just figuring out what type of spiritual support provider you need.

The following list is a great reference for discovering exactly what kind of support you need assistance with.

1. Psychic Readings/Advising: Support individuals who are mentally perplexed or spiritually lost by offering higher insight, clarity, and confirmation.

2. Energy Healing: Support individuals who are physically wounded or energetically misaligned by channeling healing energies towards the source of that person’s imbalance.

3. Spiritual Mentoring: Support individuals who are overwhelmed with the demands of life by their willingness to be an affirmative presence and when guided offer words of wisdom and understanding.

4. Relationship Mediating: Support individuals who may be seeking help with reconciling conflict with another or seeking to attract more fulfilling relationships.

5. Life & Progress Coaches: Support individuals who are feeling stuck or trapped by empowering them to take action while offering accountability.

How To Give Yourself A 5 Min. Life Reading 

See Your Demons.
It takes courage to take at real good look at yourself.

1. Recall your reaction to your last taste of rejection/defeat. That’s your real self.

2. Look at your monthly giving and charity receipts. That’s your wealth consciousness.
3. Recap how often you use any form of fear, guilt, or obligation tactics on your lover/partner/friend in an attempt to get them to stop or start doing something? Then that is not ‘the one’ for you.
4. List 1-3 secrets you’d be shamed beyond recovery if they were disclosed to your family or close friends? That’s the legion of demons keeping you bound.


Lazy People Don’t Do This.

We live in a culture that values sweat, determination and hard work. The normal man or woman doesn’t mind putting in the hours, working harder than everyone else, overcoming insurmountable obstacles or whatever it takes to live the life of their dreams.

But most people are utterly lazy when it comes to the hardest type of work that there is, the constant focus on truth despite appearances.

attracting wrong relationshipsThere is no more tougher work for mankind than that of looking past the appearance of things.

But to the person who can remain assured of the truth that the Universe  is friendly and conspiring to help them in spite of the appearance of failure and hardships, that person will forever remain at peace and in joy.

For the person who can think loving of themselves when bombarded by the appearance of rejection, that individual will manifest a storybook romance.

To the person who can focus in on their true abundance when swallowed up by the appearance of lack will never have to go without.

Those individuals who will not avoid this labor and refuse to give in to the contrary suggestions of appearances will conquer unhappiness and truly live a magical life.

And this ability can only be acquired through the simple and basic function of ones faith muscle.

Physical training may increase your energy and make you strong enough to climb a mountain but Faith Training will raise your vibration and make you strong enough to move a mountain.

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5 Insights I’ve gained From 5 Years of Work as a Tarot Reader

photo1. Faith is a muscle and those who refuse to exercise their faith, tend to experience life and other humans as drudgery. But faith in the good of others and in the power of a higher being tends to provide zest and enthusiasm for daily life and interactions with other selves.

2. The Law of attraction is actually working against most people due to the their focus on what they do not want. Wanting a thing only tends to attract to you a state of conditions in which you continue to ‘want’.  That’s why the most powerful affirmative prayer starts with “The Lord is My Shepard I shall not Want”.

3. “Love” is the most confusing word in all of human language, and real love rarely has anything to do with most people’s “love” readings. True Love is being committed to another person’s happiness without regard to what you get from them. Most people have an extremely hard time learning to Love the one they fall in love with.

4. The most perfect and complete Joy comes through some some kind of service/work that utilize one’s strongest strengths and natural talents in way that can used by another or by society. It truly is more blessed to give than receive.  It seems that it is almost  impossible to remain in a depressed state when you make your God given gifts available as a gift to bring joy or hope to another.

5. Everyone’s future is a ‘glorious becoming’. It may not become glamorous in terms of quantity of possessions but most assuredly in quality of experience. Most people spend so many wasted hours worrying over their future situations, but if they took a good look back at their past they will see that their future has only continually gotten much better in terms of experience. This again is where one’s faith plays a huge role in regards to the quality of their life experience while on Earth.

What Lurks Within You.

What Lurks Within YouDo you know that there are nasty, destructive, invisible forces hardheartedly keeping you trapped in life situations that you long to be free from ?

Forces that hold you at the same level of disposable income no matter much you “increase your earnings”?

Forces that  pull you back in the same old cycles of funk and apathetic episodes that you can’t seem to rise up out of?

Forces that lead you into the same type of cruel relationships and shame invoking situations over and over again?

Yep, it’s TRUE.

And they are invisible only because they are WITHIN YOU, existing as mental narratives and pathological tendencies called ATTRACTOR PATTERNS.

The good news is… you ONLY have to BE AWARE of them to see an immediate increase of positive energy released in your life.
That’s why becoming more self-aware the BEST thing you could ever do to release more joy and happiness in every area of your life.
The following list includes just a few examples of the many ways one can increase their self awareness.
1. Hard Core Truth Telling: Telling the truth to yourself about yourself allows you to take responsibility for your own actions and that forces you to begin to look within you to discover what’s really going on inside you.

2. Keeping a Journal: The power of the journal is consist in the ability to re-read your entries and connect patterns and stories that you may be repeating without being aware.

3. Retaining a Mentor or Adviser: Having someone who’s wisdom and advice you can trust and respect will aid greatly in helping you become more self-aware of not only our limitations but also your potential and hidden talents you may not be fully aware of.

4. Being Part of a Master Mind Group: It’s easier for other people to recognize your behavioral patterns before you do. Being around people you trust on a consistent basis can help you learn about yourself in ways you are not able to on your own.

5.  Getting An Energy Reading: Energy Readings or more commonly called psychic readings are a great way to gain insight into hidden forces and influences lurking within you.

Again, these are just a few of the many ways you can become more self-aware but I urge you to use one of the of the previous listed tools to begin your journey of release and relief from a life that is no longer serving you.

Stop Doing This In 2016

. . . Doubting Your Future Joy and Happiness, stop doing it.

The Smurfs & a Happy Meal Box. This was heaven on earth!
The Smurfs & a Happy Meal Box. This was heaven on earth!

Speak the following lines to yourself; “My future is a glorious becoming” “My future is a glorious becoming” “My future is a glorious becoming”.

When I was 4 years old my idea of a glorious future for my adult self was working at McDonalds so I could eat all the burgers and fries I wanted while having unlimited access to all the toys that come inside a happy meal box.

When I  was in elementary school I dreaded the idea of middle school where there where no playgrounds with super slides and merry-go-rounds. My 5 year old mind couldn’t conceive of the other joys and happiness I would experience in middle school and  high school that did not involve sliding down a big red slide and swinging on swing sets.

Some of you are convinced that your glorious future must include lots of money in the bank, a dream spouse with a dream house, traveling all over the world, having the perfect body, or the perfect job.

But do you realize that right now your mind can’t conceive of all the ways the Universe can bring you joy and happiness in the coming days, weeks, months, years and decades.

Take a look back at your life and realize how drastically your capacity to experience joy and happiness from things you had no idea that you would find joy from has only increased over the years, and this it will continue to do even after your current body will expire and your soul moves on.

Yes your future in this life will have some rough challenges,  tough obstacles, and trying test but still your joy and happiness is guaranteed if you push through and do your work.

The Higher Powers that be knows you better than you do and they will work overtime at continually expanding your joy and happiness in ways unknown if you will only let them.

Weeping and boredom may endure for a season, but joy is surely coming.

Wait for it.

It only gets better. Turn up Your Faith.

“Say not, How is it that the former days were better than these? for thou dost not inquire wisely concerning this.” -Ecclesiastics 7:11


The Only 5 Things You Have Permission to Take Too Serious.

1. Your Influence on Children (especially yours): Unlike the other animals and insects, the offspring of humans aren’t born with their culture already in their DNA. Values aren’t instinctive in humans. Every generation has to be taught & trained “the more excellent way”. Society’s advances or regresses based on how well or poorly this is done. But the children are our future and what you shape them to be is the future society you’ll will find your self living in.

2. What you put in your mind/body/soul complex: You become what you eat, who you sleep with, and who you listen to (including listening to yourself). Choose carefully. Every moment of your day you are either moving toward the best version of yourself or the worst. Ask yourself often, what am I eating, who am I around, and how do I like what I am becoming as a result.

3. Your Death: It’s inevitable, and immature not to think about. Don’t be obsessive over it but do know it’s coming for you. You may or may not become a millionaire, you may or may not get married. But you will experience Death. It’s your most loyal friend that’s always waiting for you till the very end.

4. Your selfless service work to others: Your most perfect joy is experienced in direct proportion to your service to others. Your gifts and your talents are to not be taken for granted. Marrrianne Williams said “Success is going to bed at night knowing your gifts and talents where used in a way that made others feel good about being alive”

5. The divine flow of the Spirit (“quench not the Spirit”): It is vain and wasteful energy not to accept the place, people, and events that the divine providence have engineered for you to be in and around. Choose here and now to be committed to fully showing up wide awake and fully committed to “whatever come what may”. It’s very true that the Universe is friendly and supportive, but you will not receive an ounce of nourishment unless you have accepted the cards that have been dealt to you, and play them to the best of your ability

Think I forgot something? Leave it in the comments.

My Homedog Redd takes everything way too serious.
My Homedog Redd takes everything way too serious.

Changing Seasons Change People

Have you ever noticed that sometimes when the seasons change it changes the people in your personal movie called “your life”. Usually new seasons bring new  people and take away some old ones.

But don’t be deceived not every ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ is truly real. Due to the repetitiveness of karmic attractor patterns most often life becomes a series of ‘hello agains’ and ‘goodbye agains’.

What I’m trying to tell you is that even though the people in your life my change with the seasons that unless you have changed you will continue to attract the same interactions and relationship dynamics as before. Until you have evolved, it will only be new faces but the same scenes and drama.

But be not dismayed for this is not a bad thing at all. For if you have done the inner work required to sustain and maintain healthy relationships and interactions, that same karmic principle that keeps  attracting the same type of negative personalities to you will also allow you to continue to attract the same positive personalities or even better that you may have loss or had to move away from.

So be aware of your ‘hellos’ and ‘goodbyes’.  Discern in the be beginning whether or not if your ‘hello’ is the repeat of some lesson missed or if your ‘goodbye’ is only a pause in he drama until an ‘exact replacement’ can be found?

Peace & Blessings

P.S. (If your not too sure ‘who is who’ in your life just now, then consider Scheduling your Energy ReadingsReading over the phone with me soon. Click Here)

Five 100% Real Things You Know But Forget Too Often.

1.”My mind is the builder of my life”: Telling yourself that “Life is hard” may bring you self-pity but it’s a tell tale sign that you are spoiled and deceived into believing that you are not responsible for your own choices. You create your reality with your thoughts that you keep. If You change your mind and this you can do, then you can change your reality and live a life that you love and one that you can find much satisfaction from.

2. “My past could not have been any any different than what it is”: It may be humbling to admit it, but if you really knew better you would have done better. Whatever choices you have made, and actions you failed to make, all in all they were the result of your best thinking. The prideful lie we tell ourselves is ‘if we could do it over we would choose different’ but that idea is a false sentiment and a trap to keep you stuck in an energy bubble of regret and grief. Your past is your past and if you humble yourself and get out of the way, life is able to use all your errors and mistakes to work in your favor. The Lord is your Shepard and God’s goodness and mercy shall follow up behind your missteps all the days your life. Only learn and truly distill the lessons from the past, and it shall not be repeated.

3. “If others knew better they would do better”: Not only are you living life out of your very best thinking but so are God’s other beloved creatures that’s been placed within your life. Your ego may derive some vindication at the belief that someone’knew better’ than to do do ‘that’ whatever that may be but the truth is if they really knew better they wouldn’t have done it. As you began to humbly accept that you are doing your best you will then realize that others are doing their best. As Edgar Cayce says. “There is enough good in the worse of us and enough bad in the best of us that none of us should speak ill towards any of us.”

4. “My joy comes from bringing joy to others”: If you want to be happy, if you desire joy, no matter what exaggerations the ego may tell you about the importance of your desires, if you seek to bring joy into the life of another that joy will
return to you 10 fold. This world would turn into paradise if we all took on the mission of Jesus and made it our mandate that we have come that others may have life and life more abundantly. The reason why so many of us don’t feel like we are living a life and a life more abundantly is because we are to occupied and focused on taking stuff from somebody else life in an attempt to make our life look or feel abundant, but true joy and abundance comes not from taking but through giving. Joy is not found in getting your physical needs met alone. The requirements of living; food, clothes, shelter, may bring you gratification, but aren’t able to bring you joy. Those things only allow you to be able to strive safely and enthusiastically at bringing joy to others.

5. “Real Love manifest as allowance”: Nothing heals and transforms like the energy of Love, Real Love that is. Real love is not only an unconditional commitment to another persons joy, but Real Love manifest itself as ‘allowance’. It is giving space to another to be or do whatever they are being or doing without needing them to be or do any thing otherwise. The moment you find yourself requiring or demanding any of your ‘beloved’ ones to be or do anything other than what they are being or doing is the moment you are choosing to not love them. This does not mean you allow others to harm you or put you at risk, but instead of trying to change their disruptive behavior you ‘allow’ them to be as they are as you get yourself and your stuff far away from them and give them the space to be or unfold their own breakdown or breakthrough. And their God is able to see them through. Your physical absence from their mess is not an absence of love but a sign of the love you have for them and yourself.

Mercury Retrograde and You

Three times a year, it appears as if Mercury is going backwards for about three weeks. This time was traditionally associated with confusions, delay, and frustration.

To help aid you during this upcoming Mercury Retrograde (September 17 – October 9) I am offering a 50% discount on all my services that are booked between now and Thursday midnight.

Some people blame Mercury retrograde for “bad” things that happen in their lives.

Perhaps Mercury’s retrograde periods can cause our plans to go awry. However, I believe this is an excellent time to reflect on the past. Intuition is high during these periods, and coincidences can be extraordinary.

Looking forward to our session.

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