Why You Must ‘Get Out’ Before This Summer Ends

We still have a lot more summer left, and in this post I want to encourage you to ‘Get Out’ more!

1.’Get Out’ of your mind; Some of ya’ll been so dominated this summer by “what would others say”, that you’ve missed divine opportunities to express your ideas, humor, creativity in ways that motivate and inspire others.

2. ‘Get Out’ of your clothes; Yes you heard me correctly, get naked and expose that body to this summer Sun and the natural elements. When was the last time you let your bare feet touch the grass and dirt? The Sun rays have lots of natural vitamin D that’s very beneficial to our health, So go expose those toes, and those always covered parts of your body that only the Lord knows.

3. ‘Get Out’ from up under those evil conversations; Our lives revolve around the narratives in our head, the narratives we have among our friends, the narratives we inherit from our families, the narratives we hear in the movies and on the news. We can’t help but be involved in some narrative, its just the way we are wired. But please check those narratives you partake in that do not speak highly of yourself, other people, races or groups.

4. “Get Out” of your town!! Even if its just a ride over to the next town or border state, you’ll be surprised what an easy little road trip can do for your life. The beach or a vacation may not be your reality this summer, but that don’t let that stop you from getting out of ‘your town’.

So Cheers to you for getting out this summer! Be sure to keep a journal or post pics to your social media!


Summer Brings The Heat. Will You Shine or Simmer?

sunshineSummer is always the season for major change and transformations to occur in our lives. The Sun’s heat is a major catalyst for all of Earth’s creation and we as humans are not exempt.

Think about it . . . recall some of your most paradigm shifting – magic invoking – soul shifting experiences and I’m willing to bet that they either took place during the summer or the stage was set for them during the summer.

Whether it was meeting your first true love, or your first spiritual “born again” experience, or your first try of drugs, whatever it was, you can bet that by the time that summer was over you were not the same you.

Well expect this summer to be no different, the catalyst for change will arise, and how you respond and react will either bring you closer to your joy or deeper in your misery.

You will either raise your vibration or lower it. You will either grow or get stuck but you will not be the same person when these dog days of summer are over come September 23, 2017.

Are You Excited!? Or Are You Scared?

Here are some helpful tips that can help you shine in the Sun verses simmering in the heat.

1. Create a summer calendar, and schedule and commit to daily mediation and prayer time (at least 15 min a day)

2. Find a coach or mentor that can serve as an extra source of awareness to keep you aware and awoke as you seek to stay aligned with your highest Vibration!

3. Join or start meeting regularly with a spiritual support group with other people committed to raising their vibration as well as being awoke and aware.

These are just a few of many tools to help you shine all summer long and not simmer. I wish you all the best and I want to be the first to officially welcome you to your summer of 2017!

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Apple Fast Spring Cleasing.

apple fastIf you want to do a relatively easy, simple fast that doesn’t interrupt your normal activities and really clears out the toxins pretty quickly this is the fast for you!

It’s called a fast because, by eating only apples, the body is fooled into a fasting mode, where it starts dumping toxins from the liver, kidneys, and other internal organs, into the bloodstream, where they can be leeched by the pectin.

The pectin leeches toxins from the blood stream and intestines and will leech anything with food value so do not eat anything else and do not take vitamins at this time. An apple diet cleansing fast can also help reduce cholesterol.

The fast works over three days to clear toxins and stored-up fat from the body, and will leave you feeling refreshed.

Things You’ll Need:

•           20 organic apples

Step 1.  Prepare for the fast by eating healthy and light at least 3 days or the day prior to your start. Most people want to eat a heavy, big meal the night before a fast; however, this can be detrimental to your health once you start, as your body is shocked by a sudden reduction in calories. Have a green salad the night before to brush your system clear and prepare your body.

Step 2.  Eat nothing but organic apples (preferred), red delicious or yellow, for three full days. (Minimum of 5 a day)

Step 3.  Drink WARM water all day long. This is key! Be sure to drink lots of warm water so that the toxins can be carried out of you more rapidly. Cold water isn’t good for digestion and elimination – but warm water stimulates peristalsis

Step 4. Pay attention to how you feel during this fast and try keeping a journal or posting updates on this FB event page as to what bubbles up and needs your attention. Remember that you are cleansing yourself of all unwanted toxins: emotional, mental and physical! Be kind to yourself and let any emotions that have been pent up be leeched out of you along with all the other toxins. Let it all go, let it all out! (Maybe even a before and after pic of your face. The face shows it all)

 Step 5. On the night of the third night take 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil to aid in digestion and facilitate your movements following the fast. When you don’t eat any fat for days, your liver and gallbladder store up bile. When you flood your system with fat (olive oil) all at once like that – your gallbladder and liver release all the stored bile and push out the cholesterol stones that have formed.

Step 6. Begin breaking the fast on the fourth day by drinking orange juice in the morning and eating a light meal of fruits and raw vegetables salad (oil dressing) in the afternoon. For dinner, have your cooked vegetables, leafy greens and starchy green veggies and end the meal with some light grains (whole grain bread or crackers (high in fiber).

Step 7.  Eat regularly on the fifth day and return to a normal, healthy diet, and regular exercise schedule.

Step 8. Repeat this cleansing diet once a month for two to three months to clear your body of ALL (emotional, mental, and physical) toxic forces and prevent diseases.

Step 9. Let us know how it goes.