Re: A Life of Labor

I want to address a national epidemic that too often affects way too many of us, myself included. The epidemic is this massive lie that we have gone into the agreement with which make us believe we are not meant to find love in our labor to  society.


And I want to tell you mot only is it a lie but it’s a deadly virus that still your day to Day joy and joy is your strength to endure the ebb and flows of life on earth


It is true, that not everyone of us will be able to labor in our love but every one us must make sure we are able to find love (worthwhile and meaningful) in that which we labor.


And please erase the silly notion of working to not work or work so you can retire from work. Humans were made for labor and service. And when you die and are on your death bed you’ll realize most of your life was spent for the service and labor for other’s pleasure and benefit.


Even if you choose not work a day in your life, you will still end up being primarily used by others for the sake of others. There is no away around it.


You come to earth to serve and when you die you’ll realize with either a sense of purpose and dignity that your life was poured out for others or you’ll be embittered with resentment that all your efforts and labor will now be left for the enjoyment and satisfaction of others.


So as you labor, do it with love and if you can’t find love in your labor then you need to labor away at finding something else you can love to labor at. Its your top duty and responsibility.


Now go ye therefore and labor away.

The Most Powerful People

Have learned the secret of being content and do not want anything even if they lack.

This is true power.

For the rest of us who have not yet learned the secret of being content we will continue to stay the victim of the schemes and manipulations of every wicked person and situation that we loath.

The voodoo they do plays upon your dependence on them for your “needs” . . whatever they may be, ranging from needs for security, approval, significance, etc.

Real revolutions happens when people start learning the secret of being content or learning to do without that which they think they need.

Your needs and wants are actually legit. Our methods for getting them met are usually not.

Letting go of illegit methods for getting our needs met is to surrender to the cross.  Our cross is anything that seems to torturous us if we surrender to it, but also is simultaneously leading us to “power”.

Through the cross you learn how to do without.

Once you discover that you can do without you loose fear. The fear of not getting what you think you need.

Once the fear is gone, you loose anger. Anger is fear expressing itself.

When fear and anger are no longer present, you can release peace and love.

Peace from within expressing itself outward as love.

Love is unconditional acceptance of unacceptable  situations and  people.

You can truly accept everything and everyone without condition because you don’t need anything or anyone  to be or do anything other than what they are already being and doing without concern of how that effects you.

This ability to do without and this type of contentment is the end goal of everyone’s spiritiual formation process. It is enlightenment.

 “I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” – Philippians 4:11-12