Summer Brings The Heat. Will You Shine or Simmer?

Summer is always the season for major change and transformations to occur in our lives. The Sun’s heat is a major catalyst for all of Earth’s creation and we as humans are not exempt. Think about it …. Read More

Changing Seasons Change People

Have you ever noticed that sometimes when the seasons change it changes the people in your personal movie called “your life”. Usually new seasons bring new  people and take away some old ones. But don’t be deceived not… Read More

Heart-break Will Break out the Lover in You.

Just because you fall in lower case -l-ove with another does not mean you have to ‘be with them’. But it does mean you are going to have to learn how to capital -L-ove them. Real Love is giving… Read More

The 4 Kinds of “Intimate Partnerships” or “Soul Mates”:

1. Twin Flame:  A Twin Flame is anyone who has the ability to activate the monogamous mating instinct that in turns creates in you a magnetic attraction, and a warmheartedness affection towards another of an opposite polarity.  These Twin Flame… Read More

It’s none of your biz

. . . what other people think or say about you.  Do believe this. You can not invest your time and attention investigating and interrogating every suspect person who you think is ‘talking about you’. Even if your… Read More

My Parents Marriage: Their Real Truths.

This past November after a very long week of helping people ‘intuitively’ navigate through their marriage and relationships issues and my lack thereof  I started thinking about my parents and how and why they have remained together for… Read More

Other People’s Life Purpose

We don’t know what it is.  And to feel any kind of way that you know better than another what their own individiual purpose is, is 100% pure ignorance. And is all types of evil. To assume you… Read More