Summer Brings The Heat. Will You Shine or Simmer?

sunshineSummer is always the season for major change and transformations to occur in our lives. The Sun’s heat is a major catalyst for all of Earth’s creation and we as humans are not exempt.

Think about it . . . recall some of your most paradigm shifting – magic invoking – soul shifting experiences and I’m willing to bet that they either took place during the summer or the stage was set for them during the summer.

Whether it was meeting your first true love, or your first spiritual “born again” experience, or your first try of drugs, whatever it was, you can bet that by the time that summer was over you were not the same you.

Well expect this summer to be no different, the catalyst for change will arise, and how you respond and react will either bring you closer to your joy or deeper in your misery.

You will either raise your vibration or lower it. You will either grow or get stuck but you will not be the same person when these dog days of summer are over come September 23, 2017.

Are You Excited!? Or Are You Scared?

Here are some helpful tips that can help you shine in the Sun verses simmering in the heat.

1. Create a summer calendar, and schedule and commit to daily mediation and prayer time (at least 15 min a day)

2. Find a coach or mentor that can serve as an extra source of awareness to keep you aware and awoke as you seek to stay aligned with your highest Vibration!

3. Join or start meeting regularly with a spiritual support group with other people committed to raising their vibration as well as being awoke and aware.

These are just a few of many tools to help you shine all summer long and not simmer. I wish you all the best and I want to be the first to officially welcome you to your summer of 2017!

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Changing Seasons Change People

Have you ever noticed that sometimes when the seasons change it changes the people in your personal movie called “your life”. Usually new seasons bring new  people and take away some old ones.

But don’t be deceived not every ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ is truly real. Due to the repetitiveness of karmic attractor patterns most often life becomes a series of ‘hello agains’ and ‘goodbye agains’.

What I’m trying to tell you is that even though the people in your life my change with the seasons that unless you have changed you will continue to attract the same interactions and relationship dynamics as before. Until you have evolved, it will only be new faces but the same scenes and drama.

But be not dismayed for this is not a bad thing at all. For if you have done the inner work required to sustain and maintain healthy relationships and interactions, that same karmic principle that keeps  attracting the same type of negative personalities to you will also allow you to continue to attract the same positive personalities or even better that you may have loss or had to move away from.

So be aware of your ‘hellos’ and ‘goodbyes’.  Discern in the be beginning whether or not if your ‘hello’ is the repeat of some lesson missed or if your ‘goodbye’ is only a pause in he drama until an ‘exact replacement’ can be found?

Peace & Blessings

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Heart-break Will Break out the Lover in You.

Just because you fall in lower case -l-ove with another does not mean you have to ‘be with them’. But it does mean you are going to have to learn how to capital -L-ove them.

Real Love is giving space to someone to be as they are without needing anything back from them in return. 

I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. Ezekiel 36:26
I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. Ezekiel 36:26

Real love is being 100% for another’s happiness and joy even if their joy and happiness doesn’t include ‘being with you‘.

Real -L-ove is a totally non human attribute and is purely spiritual and comes from the Divine.

Lower case -l-ove is a chemical-magnetic attraction and attachment that happens when you meet a twin flame.

It is a powerful enough physiological experience that can cause us to extend great effort to think more about another than of ourselves and that’s why it is part of the human experience. The human species would not have survived without this function. For most humans this attraction-attachment is the only way that they will ever consider another over themselves but yet still it is not real -L-ove.

But once an attraction-attachment happens to you, you are going to have to learn how to ‘Love the one you love‘. This is especially the case in situations that prevent the two of you from ‘being together’ or when the attraction-attachment is not reciprocal and heart-break happens.

One of the most powerful songs ever written that embodies being in this space of real love towards another and not wanting or needing them to be anything other than what they are as they are is Dolly Parton’s “I will always love you” sung by Whitney Houston.

The song is a perfect illustration of what’s required in really Loving someone by giving them the space to be and seeing the reality of a situation for what it is and not what you think it should be.


The 4 Kinds of “Intimate Partnerships” or “Soul Mates”:

soulmates211. Twin Flame:  A Twin Flame is anyone who has the ability to activate the monogamous mating instinct that in turns creates in you a magnetic attraction, and a warmheartedness affection towards another of an opposite polarity.  These Twin Flame Associations produce a natural yearning to experience all the qualities associated with an ideal Earth Mate Union. However, even though there may be a strong magnetic pull towards a Twin Flame, it may not be reciprocal. The average human has thousands of twin flame possibilities on the earth. These are most often confused as ‘The One’ True Soul Mate.

2. Earth Mate: This is another human vowed to witness your life on earth, a complimentary polar opposite partner in your service work to humanity or earth, and a companion equally committed to your good pleasure as you are theirs. Earth mates may or may not include consummation or marriage.

3. Parent Partnerships:  These are people who have chosen or the circumstances of life has chosen for them to cooperatively share in the High Responsibility and dedication of Child Rearing as a result of the random producing of an offspring through an act of sex. These partnerships may or may not be  with someone who is your twin flame or your earth mate, but they will require some level of intimacy at least during the duration of child rearing.

4.’The One’ True Soul Mate:  The soul’s true mate is not a human or existing in the realm of time it is nevertheless very real, personable, and accessible on a soul level hence why it is our ‘soul’s mate’ not human mate. The essence of our soul is spiritual and thus the true mate of our soul is our eternal non-human spiritual counterpart. Some call it our Higher Self, or simply God.  It is ‘The One’ whom we are seeking to be one with for eternity.

It’s none of your biz

. . . what other people think or say about you.  Do believe this.

You can not invest your time and attention investigating and interrogating every suspect person who you think is ‘talking about you’.

Even if your intuition is right and it most likely is, what is it to you what they are saying or have said about you??

Everyone is entitled to their opinion of your actions or how they interpret you intentions.

This doesn’t mean you ignore someone who has directly accused you of offending them, that is your biz to handle, but to launch a major investigative operation in order to ‘set someone straight’ is a pissing in the wind.

JudgementYes you will feel hurt by having your name falsely spoken of  and being misunderstood, but if you mind your business and do your work in time there will come a ‘judgment day’ when your true intentions and personality can’t be denied and those weak ones who mistook their perception of you as your reality will be forced with shame to realize they were deceived by their own self-projections.

Therefore I say live in the truth, tell the truth, be true, and in the end all your seemingly contradictory actions will line up and you’ll be justified.


My Parents Marriage: Their Real Truths.

This past November after a very long week of helping people ‘intuitively’ navigate through their marriage and relationships issues and my lack thereof  I started thinking about my parents and how and why they have remained together for over 35 years.

So I sent them each a random text early one morning and asked  “what  has been 3-4 four guiding ideals and principles that have sustained your marriage and relationship?”.

What they shared with me in their reply  text was very encouraging and inspiring and gave me a new appreciation for their commitment to each other and I get even more now why Seth Adam Smith says “Marriage isn’t for you” .

November 8, 2013 6:30 am

Addam: “what has been 3-4 four guiding ideals and principles that have sustained your marriage and relationship?”

Dad: #1 example of my  parents. #2 my relationship with God. #3 An act of my will, ( becoming responsible for the choice I made with Janet) #4 empowering my self with knowledge of the subject at hand  and ever learning.

Me: Dad could you elaborate on what was the example of your parents?

Dad: My father treated my mother with the highest esteem.  Allowing her to remain a very loving and nurturing person. Always thinking of her and his family.  He denied himself for his, he had the benefit of learning  from his first wife and who had died and their family. He got another chance with us as he was in his late 50’s  and my mother was in her early 30’s  when we were being brought up and hopefully we have benefited from their maturity.

Mom:  Good morning Son, I love you!!!  The guiding force in my relationship is the relationship I have with my Lord and Savior, Jesus The Christ. In addition, the “Determination“, not to fail in my relationship, as I did not have anyone that I could pattern a good marriage after, but I was determine to make mine work. Another guiding point, “Conversation“, being able to speak truths to one another, without fear of saying the wrong thing but by being upfront and saying ” here is how I feel and let’s deal with it’. Another guiding factor, “My Children”, I wanted my children to experience the love and security of both parents being there for them, no matter what, Sometimes that means even having to swallow the outside opinions from close family members and do what I had to do for my family and lastly the fact that I knew I had your Father’s Love and His Heart for me, even when I really did not know what I really had.  TRUST for one another, knowing we could not waste time being jealous, petty about small matters(which meant growth for me) and having each other’s back.  Love You Son!!!!!

Thank you Mom & Dad for you commitment, your co-operation with each other and the application of your faith. I am very appreciative and yes Dad, I got your follow up text and I will “go and do thou like wise”. . . 😉

Happy 38th Wedding Anniversary!!

Other People’s Life Purpose

We don’t know what it is.  And to feel any kind of way that you know better than another what their own individiual purpose is, is 100% pure ignorance. And is all types of evil.

To assume you know whats good for somebody else is a serious misconception about who you believe their God is.

One of the most dangerous evils you will face during your spiritual journey is battling other people’s thought projections of who they think you should be.

Everyday we are bombarded with other people’s thought projections. These are mental thoughts about us and our identity and our purpose that others project onto us in an attempt to influence our choices and decisions  “for our own good”.

This isn’t the kind of peer pressure you faced when you were a child. These thought projections are on a whole other level.

You don’t hear them as much as you feel them. Usually they are not done intentionally. But sometimes they are. Most of the time they are a result of love without compassion or love without wisdom, from people who care about you but yet do not act out of faith in God and his mercy and grace for you but out of fear or compulsive behavior as result of not working through their own issues.

Sometimes it is done out of a sense of protection. You see someone going in a direction that you feel will bring harm or danger to them and you try to stir them away. When you do this from a place of wisdom and campassion this is ok.

For example, if I’m driving down the road and the bridge up ahead is out and you have already discovered this and seen other cars slide into the water and you try to presuade me to turn around, that is much needed guidance.

You’re acting out of wisdom. You know  ultimately that what I want is life and to get to my destination and you also know without a doubt that I will not be able to get there if I continue on that current road and out of compassion you try to turn me around.

Now on the contrary if the bridge is not out but you have a fear of crossing over water and you try to project your fear onto me and prevent me from crossing the bridge to get where I need to get to, that is a problem.

It takes discernment and wisdom to know when other peoples thought projections are hurting or helping you. And it starts with  knowing thy self.

That is why the most important part of spiritual formation is knowing who you are. It comes from turning within. It is discovered in our solitude and time of communion with the father. For when you know who you are you also know who you are not.  And then you know when to accept and when to reject others’ projections of who they think you are.

“Who are you to judge someone else’s servant? To their own master, servants stand or fall. And they will stand, for the Lord is able to make them stand.” -Romans 14:4