3 C’s of Creating Change & Progress

When it comes to Creating Change & Progress, nothing is more important than the 3 C’s – Confirmation, Clarity, and Conviction.
Confirmation:  In a day and age when so much of our thinking and desires are hijacked by the Overt and subvert suggestive marketing from others, nothing is as sweet as receiving “confirmation” when it comes to your ideas and visions and actions plans. Getting Confirmation is like getting a permit approved to begin the building of a project or have permission to being operations.
Clarity: Although getting confirmation is sweet, having clarity is what brings about manifestation. Clarity is not only just getting clearer about your vision or thoughts, clarity is being clear of those things that are also keeping you from your vision but it’s also being clear on what’s blocking you or holding you back.
Conviction: One of the strongest counterforces to Confirmation and clarity is mediocrity, mediocrity is a state of mind that allows one to become comfortable in discomfort. It can be a powerful force and it has a stronger pull on some of us than it does on others. The only remedy for Mediocrity is conviction – Being convinced that your idea or your vision is more important than your very self.

It’s self-importance that prevents us most from our vision and lifestyle change.
When the current little self is more important than your dream or vision, you will not have the perseverance needed to endure by any means necessary, because you will have exhausted your energy by protecting your lil self the ego through any means necessary and will not have any thing left to give to your work.

Your Root Chakra:

Did you know that endurance, perseverance, and resiliency are harnessed directly from your Root Chakra? And your Root Chakra Energy is regulated directly by your programed personal and inherited narratives around your beliefs dealing with effort and reward. 

Narratives that embrace Truth about the relationship between effort and reward open up the Root ChaKa while narratives that contain false notions (“What’s the point of trying when I never get what I want”) – about the relationship between effort and reward restrict and disrupt the Energy Power of the Root Chakra.

A restricted and disrupted root Chakra cuts one off from having the energy to endure, persevere and be resilient in the face of defeat and rejection – an inevitable experience of being human. 

Silently Read 1-3 Times:

Reading the following prayer at least 3 times before beginning any major or minor task will help you open up the Root Chakra  (Feel free to personalize it for even more success.) 

Dear Source and Central Force of the Universe, Even though my friend reading this hates every experience they have ever had in their life in which their time, effort and energy didn’t lead to any satisfying gain or reward, help them learn how to honor and respect their self in such a way that they will always put forth the very best effort in all that their hands and mind find to do or is required of them to do.  Give them the wisdom to know when to endure and when to quit. Show them how to put forth the right effort in smart ways, and please let there be mercy for them when they invest the right effort but in the wrong ways. Let peace, and sweet relief always be theirs at the end of all their efforts. Direct their thoughts and motivation to be guided by the higher use of their life all the days they are given here Earth and even after Earth.So be it and Amen.

Hope this prayer will help enable you to harness the enduranceperseverance and resilience needed to secure 2019 and beyond as some of the
best years of your life! 

 Love and Light to you!Addam/Adam

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End of Year Reading Specials

I’m very excited to introduce a new “End of Year Review” that is ideal for anyone of you who is committed to personal growth and increasing self-awareness.  The “End of the Year Review” consist of exploring the following questions as related to you, “Who was I at the beginning of 2018?”, “Who am I at the end of 2018?”, “What did I grow out of?” “What did I grow from?”, “What am I proud of?”, “What  am I excited for?” “What changed the most?” “What has evolved?”, “What has transformed?”

From now until January 10th,  I’ll be offering these “end of year review” readings for $30.00 (short review) and $50.00 (extended review)

For those of you who like to get a year ahead forecast I will be offering the 6 or 12 month personal almanac readings. The personal almanac looks into the patterns, cycles, energies and possibilities you can expect for your next 6 or 12 months. From now until January 10th,  I’ll be offering these readings for $40 (6 months)  and $60 (12 Months)

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Looking forward to looking forward! ;-).  

Cheers to a New Year and a New You!

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Your Zodiac Question for 2019

Despite the rush of the commercial holiday season this is actually the time of the year to be the most still and introspective. So please take it easy on yourself and be sure to go deep within to reflect just not on the previous year but your life up till now.

To help you out I have written some questions related to your zodiac sign that can help guide you during your time of reflection.

Be sure to make time during these next few days to be still and write or record your answer. No actions need to be taken just contemplation.

Happy Winter Solsticing . . 

Addam/From Adam

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Gemini: Are you ready to become and evolve into a more sincere Gemini-esq communicator–telling the necessary truths to others even if it means having them dislike you for a moment, season, or lifetime? Can you find positive ways to share truth, but with grace and sweetness? What is your fear that keeps you from giving people the truth they most need to know about you, themselves, life, and everything else?

Cancer: Are you ready to be free and release those you love but whose very presence keeps you in self-doubt and insecure of your worth and personal truth? How can you better manage these relationships without resorting to those Cancerian emotional manipulations or co-dependency? What other options exist for you that allow you to enjoy their company in more suitable ways that foster your overall emotional well being and personal expansion?

Leo: Has it been harder than normal lately for you to relax and go with the flow or relax and release having things go your way? What happens when you let go and release your Leo need to be in control? What has it been like when you are in resistance as a result of not getting your way? Is there a better balance for you to achieve regarding knowing when to go with the flow and when to make your demands?

Virgo: Have you had a hard time holding on to your joy? Is that Virgo mind of yours focusing too much on what you hate? How self-aware are you of what brings you true lasting joy versus the fleeting joy at the moment? Are you able to fully pursue your real lasting joy? Are you confident that you know what really brings you joy? What kind of people? What kind of activities? What kind of movies? What kind of social settings? What experiences truly refresh your soul, relax your mind and inspire your whole being?

Libra: Have you been able to identify your self-sabotaging tendencies and patterns? Or have you been struggling with playing the Victim? Playing the victim is a delicious game, but it can keep you from making real progress and experiencing real joy. How is your temptation to play the victim in romance, work, and with friends keeping you from getting more out of each of those areas? What are these Libra -esq mental narratives of victim-hood that tempt you? Can you recognize and not support them anymore?

Scorpio: You have been winning a lot lately in life but how can you include others more on your wins? How can you create possibilities from your success that ensure the success of everyone– even your haters and so-called enemies? Have you been careful to note that even though you have been coming out on top a lot, more than lately, that you do not look down on or take away from those struggling to come up? Can you be willing to give your hater a helping hand? Your Scorpion water energy can drown or transport someone. Like finding a harmless spider in your house, do you have to kill it dead or can you just help it find its way out of your house? One day, you too may find yourself out of place and will need to have the same supportive treatment given to you. How can you help others to find their success?

Sagittarius: We know you love to go with the flow, but what is your relationship with the word “discipline”? Do you hate it? Does it strike you as an ugly word? Do you see the love in self-discipline? Athletes train hard because they love competition. Can you let something or someone you love light your Sagittarius Fire to motivate you to become more disciplined? How can you use that love to be more disciplined in your spending? How can you use love to overcome your tendencies to over self-indulge? How can love help you become more disciplined in your fitness and nutrition?  

Capricorn: Have you realized how much better you do when it comes to your creative work or personal projects when you collaborate with others? As a Capricorn, you are very aware of relying on yourself to get things done, but are you aware of the power of teamwork in your life? How can you use the power of collaboration to accomplish more in your life? How can you contribute more to your family, group of friends, and co-workers? Do you see how your success is directly tied to your willingness to cooperate and collaborate with others? Are you willing to make necessary compromises and give respect to those who God has teamed you up with? Have you made your dream team yet? You have heard it said many times: “teamwork makes the dream work.” Do you realize this is true for you too Capricorn…????

Aquarius: Are you open to being love and being loved? Are you ready to experience the power of being vulnerable when it comes to love and loving? As an air sign, your mind tempts you to justify, with reason and logic, ways to avoid love. Are you ready to allow yourself to love deeply– everyone and everything, and learn as you grow? What does it look or feel like if you let the idea of love rule more of your life than you ever have?

Pisces: Are you living your everyday life inspired by your vision and dream? Do you have a clear vision and desirable future that you are working towards? How can you, daily, let this inspiration from the future move you to action and enthusiasm for the now? You have the power of the water element to be a big dreamer. Are you dreaming big and making the vision plain on paper? Are you making choices based on the visions of your future self or still making choices based on your temporary situations and circumstances? Don’t avoid the present, but do find beautiful ways to let your future visions inspire you in the now. How can you do this?

Aires: How much have you accepted your leadership calling and duties? Your fire nature makes you quick to act for yourself but are you quick to respond to leadership duties? Do you realize its something you can’t run away from? Either in work, family,

and friendships, your leadership is very much a part of your Dharma. Are you OK and surrendered to this? Or, are you fooling yourself into thinking everyone can do fine by themselves? Yes, they can, but they do much better with your leadership, support, inspirational guidance, and vision. Are you ready to live up to this whenever it is demanded of you?

Taurus: Focus has always been your friend and power, but can you stay in your power when your focus is being pulled by many distractions, ideas, and plans? Have you been able to find the one focus that you can rely on that connects all the many different things you need to focus on? Are you able to find the bigger and higher picture to focus on so you can do the smaller seemingly unrelated task and projects? What’s your one big idea or vision to always use as your primary focus? How can your Taurus tunnel vision on that one big idea benefit all the other ideas?

seemingly unrelated task and projects? What’s your one big idea or vision to always use as your primary focus? How can your Taurus tunnel vision on that one big idea benefit all the other ideas? 

Your November Zodiac Review

Sometimes we move so quickly through a month waiting for next one to come, waiting for that next paycheck or we spend so much time resisting how fast the month is moving we forget to pay attention to some beautiful life lessons or experiences that may have unfolded for us.

I was inspired to send you a Friday email based around your zodiac to give you some assistance in helping you to re-collect and remind yourself of some beautiful experiences that you may have missed this November.  If it applies for you then just take time to relfect and then release the memory in Gratitude or Love.

Aires: November was about making choices from a place of balance and wisdom. Relying on your inner vision and values versus your passions and pleasure. How did you do?

Taurus: This past month you were being encouraged to act! To make a big commitment and zoom full speed ahead and afterwards survey the aftermath of your actions, and learn but keep it moving.  How did you do?

Genini: This was a month for us to remind ouselves about the goodness and innocence  of other who we might have became offended at due to our doings or something offesive we done to them. Did you find your faith again in others or a group of others?

Cancer: You won big this month. You were on it. Following through where you needed to and pushing through when you wanted to give up. Have you congratulated yourself and celebrated your small victory with a dear friend or two?

Leo: November was all about family for you. Reconnecting or releasing. Family is certainly important and your relationship with your family leads you up or down. Where did it take you?

Virgo: You learned how to rely on the beautiful gift of partneships. You usually appear to be the one who is on top of things but this November you were releived to let others see your real self? How did that feel to you?

Libra: You may have been a little sad this Novenber due to the realization its time to truly move on. Maybe it finally hit you that the past is the past. Are you letting go nicely or still keeping hope alive?

Scorpio: You had to hold on to your sense of worth and value this past November as you may have been tried and tested in that area. Did you not back down or did you give in to someome else’s estimate of you?

Sagetarious: You were being put in a lot of situations to tell the truth and say what you need to say or express how you really think during this November. Did you live up to the high calling of sincere communication?

Capricorn: You were being guided to get out your own way and let things happen without you needing to control every facet of it. Did you surrender by choice or force?

Aquarius: This November you got out your head a little and enjoyed some random unrational fun or relaxation and this time you really didn’t care what others thought. Or did you??

Pisces: Your feelings got you fired up and ready to handle whatever has been standing in your way of an exciting and fun filled life. Did you act on those feelings and make a commitment??

Love and Light to all you for making it through another November and cheers to your wonderful December on the horizon!


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Friends, Lovers, and Summer Fun . .

. . . Don’t Let them Distract You From Your Work and Personal Progress.

Although the summer is definitely the time for play and fun with friends and lovers don’t forget to stick to your personal plans for personal progress.

When it comes to real lasting joy and happiness, nothing guarantees your heart’s gladness like achieving some personal progress in your life.

Maybe this summer you forgo the weekend pool parties to finish your blogs or clean out your garage.

You may even consider skipping this years Family Reunion to attend a weekend workshop and conference that can help enhance your confidence and clarity with your gifts and talents and purpose.

Maybe take that vacation ALONE  just to get caught up on the first 5 chapters of that novel, bio, or e-book that you know you have been called to write and bring forth.

Whatever the real work and personal progress is that you been putting off, and you know that you know what it is be careful to not let the Summer fun with friends and lovers keep you too distracted.

Just think of how much more you can enjoy with them next summer or even in the winter with your personal progress achieved!

If you need some inspiration or clarity regarding your work and personal progress goal

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Until we talk . . . Don’t Let them Distract You From Your Work and Personal Progress.


Reclaiming Self Worth

Your personal sense of worth is the major determinant regarding how you respond to everything that happens in your life; every interaction, and every situation.

From how you give and receive money, to how you give and receive love and affection, even how aggressive or passive you drive in traffic, all these responses are being dictated by your sense of worthiness.

 Self Worth vs. Self Esteem

Not to be confused with your self-esteem, your self-worth is your perceived sense of innate goodness based on your mere presence alone.

Your self-esteem is your confidence in your abilities or more specifically your ability to maintain or exceed the status quo or your social-cultural norms and mores. One can have a high degree of self-esteem but a low sense of self- worth. Self-esteem may make you feel “entitled” . . which sounds like “I’ve worked hard and deserve to get what I want” . . etc but it doesn’t do anything for your sense of worth.

Your sense of self worth/self-value is the answer to one basic question “how valuable do you feel your presence alone is”, take away your talent, your abilities, your looks, your status, and ask yourself how valuable do you feel you are without those things?

Hidden Deep In your Memory 

The truth of how you really feel about your innate value or worthiness lays hidden deep in your subconscious where it creates your external reality.

Mostly lies we have either inherited or came up with when we were young, your true sense of worth is usually not really known until you find yourself in the midst of hardship, rejection, or disappointment. It is during these low points we hear them in our mind as “I knew I’d never find love” or “I’d knew it was too good to be true for me” or “I feel guilty for receiving  . . ” . .etc

If you have the courage to sit with these thoughts and truly investigate them what you will discover is some lie that you went into agreement with a long long time ago about what you are allowed to experience or deserve in life, and no matter how hard you have sought to prove yourself through your education, looks, friends, and social status, your sense of self-worth remains the same.

Technology for Reclaiming Worthiness 

The basis of all religions has always been to exist as a psychological technology help you establish as basis for your sense of worthiness through connecting with spiritual realities or truth. Some have failed, some  have worked, some work not so well. But because of our limited senses, and our own mental psychological structures the great paradox is that you will have to find a rock, an anchor of truth outside yourself to re-align yourself to your inner truth and worthiness.

The world’s largest two religions have served humanity for centuries in regards to mental technology that helps one establish and reclaiming self-worth/self value

Christianity: – Your value is based on your faith in Jesus and his sacrifice for your wrongness allowing you to base your sense of worth on his horrific death on the cross in the place of your deserved punishment or any sense of not feeling “good enough”.

Islam: – helps you establish a sense of worthiness by giving you an easy set of rules to follow and adhere too and makes it easy and clearly set forth for you for you to align your actions with through “worthy actions” that if you follow will give you an improved sense of worth due to your peace with and blessings from Allah.

Your personal Religion: – If you feel you have evolved beyond institutional or indoctrinated religions your mental structure may still require you to have some personal narrative of truth distilled from your own personal spiritual experiences. Have you taken time to articulate your personal truths, do you have personal prayer/mantra that you can align to and use as the basis of your worthiness as human being on planet earth. How do you articulate to yourself your truth of the ultimate reality of who you are and your innate worth?

Reclaiming your worth will be an ongoing process that you will be constantly engaging in the rest of your life and without some anchor of truth you can hold on to when the reality or outer appearances suggest to your mind your worth has been compromised you will not be able to thrive on this planet.

It is my prayer and desire for you that you will know in frequency and truth the truth of your value like a diamond that you are.

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What To Expect After Making A Complete Fool of Yourself.

  1. The FoolSelf-Discovery. – The greatest discoveries on the planet where found by “fools”. Learning brings about awareness and awareness brings about transformation.
  2. Transformation.  – The goal of life is evolution, humans evolve by trial and error. Infants learn to walk by falling.
  3. The ability to Inspire.  – Humans are inspired by the trial and error of others. The Wright Brothers were inspired to build their airplane after reading about the failed and disastrous results of others ‘fools’ who tried.
  4. The loss of Self-Importance. – After you have made a fool of yourself and you live to see the next day. You realize that you’re not as important as you thought you were.
  5. Less stress – Loosing self-importance immediately allows you to relax and feel safe going with the flow, without extra stress of trying to control what happens to you while in the flow.
  6. More energy. – It is exhausting trying to control and fight for your self-importance. Trying to keep your ego intact is draining and takes vital energy that can be used elsewhere.
  7. Mastery.  When you stop feeling important, you get important work done. You master several things as easily as one when you leave yourself out. Your success brings you respect and power, and other people take you very serious because of the work you’ve been able to accomplish.

A Summer Gift To Get You Started!

I Am presenceCongratulations on making it through the first six months of 2017!!

Are you ready to charge full speed ahead into these next six months, doing what you need to do to manifest a new and better you by 2020?!?

To many times our human tendency is to overestimate what we can change in 6 months or a year and underestimate what we can make happen in 2 – 3 years.

You may not be able to change your job/career in 3 weeks or 3 months, but I guarantee that if you get clarity and a plan you can be in a different lifestyle in 3 years!

Well I want to help you in your journey towards 2020 and I want to gift you with two awesome deals as a mid-year gift to support and inspire you’re forward progress in the remaining six months of 2017.

The 1st gift is a new service I’m calling “The 6 Month Personal Almanac”

The 6 Month Personal Almanac is an intuitive psychic reading that seeks to affirm, confirm, and illuminate the probable forthcoming actions, energies, patterns and tendencies in your 6 month future. This is an ideal asset when planning and setting future goals regarding personal or spiritual growth.

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My intention for this offering is to empower you with the insight and affirmation needed to take charge over the next 6 months as we move closer and closer to 2020 and the new you!

Looking forward to talking to you soon!

Peace & Blessings
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