Your November Zodiac Review

Sometimes we move so quickly through a month waiting for next one to come, waiting for that next paycheck or we spend so much time resisting how fast the month is moving we forget to pay attention to some beautiful life lessons or experiences that may have unfolded for us.

I was inspired to send you a Friday email based around your zodiac to give you some assistance in helping you to re-collect and remind yourself of some beautiful experiences that you may have missed this November.  If it applies for you then just take time to relfect and then release the memory in Gratitude or Love.

Aires: November was about making choices from a place of balance and wisdom. Relying on your inner vision and values versus your passions and pleasure. How did you do?

Taurus: This past month you were being encouraged to act! To make a big commitment and zoom full speed ahead and afterwards survey the aftermath of your actions, and learn but keep it moving.  How did you do?

Genini: This was a month for us to remind ouselves about the goodness and innocence  of other who we might have became offended at due to our doings or something offesive we done to them. Did you find your faith again in others or a group of others?

Cancer: You won big this month. You were on it. Following through where you needed to and pushing through when you wanted to give up. Have you congratulated yourself and celebrated your small victory with a dear friend or two?

Leo: November was all about family for you. Reconnecting or releasing. Family is certainly important and your relationship with your family leads you up or down. Where did it take you?

Virgo: You learned how to rely on the beautiful gift of partneships. You usually appear to be the one who is on top of things but this November you were releived to let others see your real self? How did that feel to you?

Libra: You may have been a little sad this Novenber due to the realization its time to truly move on. Maybe it finally hit you that the past is the past. Are you letting go nicely or still keeping hope alive?

Scorpio: You had to hold on to your sense of worth and value this past November as you may have been tried and tested in that area. Did you not back down or did you give in to someome else’s estimate of you?

Sagetarious: You were being put in a lot of situations to tell the truth and say what you need to say or express how you really think during this November. Did you live up to the high calling of sincere communication?

Capricorn: You were being guided to get out your own way and let things happen without you needing to control every facet of it. Did you surrender by choice or force?

Aquarius: This November you got out your head a little and enjoyed some random unrational fun or relaxation and this time you really didn’t care what others thought. Or did you??

Pisces: Your feelings got you fired up and ready to handle whatever has been standing in your way of an exciting and fun filled life. Did you act on those feelings and make a commitment??

Love and Light to all you for making it through another November and cheers to your wonderful December on the horizon!


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Friends, Lovers, and Summer Fun . .

. . . Don’t Let them Distract You From Your Work and Personal Progress.

Although the summer is definitely the time for play and fun with friends and lovers don’t forget to stick to your personal plans for personal progress.

When it comes to real lasting joy and happiness, nothing guarantees your heart’s gladness like achieving some personal progress in your life.

Maybe this summer you forgo the weekend pool parties to finish your blogs or clean out your garage.

You may even consider skipping this years Family Reunion to attend a weekend workshop and conference that can help enhance your confidence and clarity with your gifts and talents and purpose.

Maybe take that vacation ALONE  just to get caught up on the first 5 chapters of that novel, bio, or e-book that you know you have been called to write and bring forth.

Whatever the real work and personal progress is that you been putting off, and you know that you know what it is be careful to not let the Summer fun with friends and lovers keep you too distracted.

Just think of how much more you can enjoy with them next summer or even in the winter with your personal progress achieved!

If you need some inspiration or clarity regarding your work and personal progress goal

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Until we talk . . . Don’t Let them Distract You From Your Work and Personal Progress.


Reclaiming Self Worth

Your personal sense of worth is the major determinant regarding how you respond to everything that happens in your life; every interaction, and every situation.

From how you give and receive money, to how you give and receive love and affection, even how aggressive or passive you drive in traffic, all these responses are being dictated by your sense of worthiness.

 Self Worth vs. Self Esteem

Not to be confused with your self-esteem, your self-worth is your perceived sense of innate goodness based on your mere presence alone.

Your self-esteem is your confidence in your abilities or more specifically your ability to maintain or exceed the status quo or your social-cultural norms and mores. One can have a high degree of self-esteem but a low sense of self- worth. Self-esteem may make you feel “entitled” . . which sounds like “I’ve worked hard and deserve to get what I want” . . etc but it doesn’t do anything for your sense of worth.

Your sense of self worth/self-value is the answer to one basic question “how valuable do you feel your presence alone is”, take away your talent, your abilities, your looks, your status, and ask yourself how valuable do you feel you are without those things?

Hidden Deep In your Memory 

The truth of how you really feel about your innate value or worthiness lays hidden deep in your subconscious where it creates your external reality.

Mostly lies we have either inherited or came up with when we were young, your true sense of worth is usually not really known until you find yourself in the midst of hardship, rejection, or disappointment. It is during these low points we hear them in our mind as “I knew I’d never find love” or “I’d knew it was too good to be true for me” or “I feel guilty for receiving  . . ” . .etc

If you have the courage to sit with these thoughts and truly investigate them what you will discover is some lie that you went into agreement with a long long time ago about what you are allowed to experience or deserve in life, and no matter how hard you have sought to prove yourself through your education, looks, friends, and social status, your sense of self-worth remains the same.

Technology for Reclaiming Worthiness 

The basis of all religions has always been to exist as a psychological technology help you establish as basis for your sense of worthiness through connecting with spiritual realities or truth. Some have failed, some  have worked, some work not so well. But because of our limited senses, and our own mental psychological structures the great paradox is that you will have to find a rock, an anchor of truth outside yourself to re-align yourself to your inner truth and worthiness.

The world’s largest two religions have served humanity for centuries in regards to mental technology that helps one establish and reclaiming self-worth/self value

Christianity: – Your value is based on your faith in Jesus and his sacrifice for your wrongness allowing you to base your sense of worth on his horrific death on the cross in the place of your deserved punishment or any sense of not feeling “good enough”.

Islam: – helps you establish a sense of worthiness by giving you an easy set of rules to follow and adhere too and makes it easy and clearly set forth for you for you to align your actions with through “worthy actions” that if you follow will give you an improved sense of worth due to your peace with and blessings from Allah.

Your personal Religion: – If you feel you have evolved beyond institutional or indoctrinated religions your mental structure may still require you to have some personal narrative of truth distilled from your own personal spiritual experiences. Have you taken time to articulate your personal truths, do you have personal prayer/mantra that you can align to and use as the basis of your worthiness as human being on planet earth. How do you articulate to yourself your truth of the ultimate reality of who you are and your innate worth?

Reclaiming your worth will be an ongoing process that you will be constantly engaging in the rest of your life and without some anchor of truth you can hold on to when the reality or outer appearances suggest to your mind your worth has been compromised you will not be able to thrive on this planet.

It is my prayer and desire for you that you will know in frequency and truth the truth of your value like a diamond that you are.

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What To Expect After Making A Complete Fool of Yourself.

  1. The FoolSelf-Discovery. – The greatest discoveries on the planet where found by “fools”. Learning brings about awareness and awareness brings about transformation.
  2. Transformation.  – The goal of life is evolution, humans evolve by trial and error. Infants learn to walk by falling.
  3. The ability to Inspire.  – Humans are inspired by the trial and error of others. The Wright Brothers were inspired to build their airplane after reading about the failed and disastrous results of others ‘fools’ who tried.
  4. The loss of Self-Importance. – After you have made a fool of yourself and you live to see the next day. You realize that you’re not as important as you thought you were.
  5. Less stress – Loosing self-importance immediately allows you to relax and feel safe going with the flow, without extra stress of trying to control what happens to you while in the flow.
  6. More energy. – It is exhausting trying to control and fight for your self-importance. Trying to keep your ego intact is draining and takes vital energy that can be used elsewhere.
  7. Mastery.  When you stop feeling important, you get important work done. You master several things as easily as one when you leave yourself out. Your success brings you respect and power, and other people take you very serious because of the work you’ve been able to accomplish.

A Summer Gift To Get You Started!

I Am presenceCongratulations on making it through the first six months of 2017!!

Are you ready to charge full speed ahead into these next six months, doing what you need to do to manifest a new and better you by 2020?!?

To many times our human tendency is to overestimate what we can change in 6 months or a year and underestimate what we can make happen in 2 – 3 years.

You may not be able to change your job/career in 3 weeks or 3 months, but I guarantee that if you get clarity and a plan you can be in a different lifestyle in 3 years!

Well I want to help you in your journey towards 2020 and I want to gift you with two awesome deals as a mid-year gift to support and inspire you’re forward progress in the remaining six months of 2017.

The 1st gift is a new service I’m calling “The 6 Month Personal Almanac”

The 6 Month Personal Almanac is an intuitive psychic reading that seeks to affirm, confirm, and illuminate the probable forthcoming actions, energies, patterns and tendencies in your 6 month future. This is an ideal asset when planning and setting future goals regarding personal or spiritual growth.

The 2nd gift is $1/1min service exchange for all my offerings including the “6 Month Personal Almanac” for all readings booked between 5/25/17 – 5/31/17.

My intention for this offering is to empower you with the insight and affirmation needed to take charge over the next 6 months as we move closer and closer to 2020 and the new you!

Looking forward to talking to you soon!

Peace & Blessings
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The Power of Response.

Have you realized yet that it’s not your morning affirmations that will set the tone for how your day will unfold.

It’s not your morning prayers or meditation.

It’s not your first unpleasantness or inconveniences that can control the flow.

The flow of your day will not come from your good night’s rest or lack there of.

It will not come from your healthy or harmful breakfast choices.

It’s not the first news or the worst news of the day.

It’s not your co-workers or your unrequited lovers.

The biggesut influence that guides the creation of your life is the power of your response.

Do you respond to the trivial and petty occurrences of your day from your conviction of knowing your are loved and supported by a friendly Universe?

Do you respond to the trivial and petty incidences with other humans from your conviction of knowing they are loved and supported by a friendly Universe who has no favorite?

Do you respond from a place of knowing that all things can be caused to work for your good?

Do you respond from a place of knowing that all persons are doing the very best they can with what they know and have been given?

When you choose moment to moment to always respond from your highest and most holy conviction your are shifting your life in each of those moments to the highest and greatest version of yourself and your life experience.

The acts of others are powerless. In your response is the power of death and life.

Choose life my friend!

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Good News; Bad News

The bad news first:

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be transitioning away from offering psychic and tarot readings services to the general public as a pay for fee offering. Although I enjoy using my gifts and skills to help others find great clarity and insight into their day to day life situations it is time for me to begin to invest my energy in another opportunity.

The Good News:

I finally finished my Masters in Ministry Degree and I’ve created a position with the Enlightened Collective Inc, a personal development nonprofit, to serve full-time as a Spiritual Enlightenment Facilitator.

In this role of Facilitator I’ll be working full time as a spiritual support specialist leading small groups, spiritual advising, teaching, and leadership training in in the Atlanta Metro Area as well as virtually through online offerings.

More Good News:

I want you to be consider partnering with me and the Enlightened Collective Inc. by becoming a financial sponsor to help me cover my salary needed to exclusively to serve full-time as a facilitator of with the Enlightened Collective Inc

By choosing to become a ministry partner with me, you’ll continue to have access to my online scheduling system. This allows you to request and set up an appointment with me for either a Tarot reading, spiritual advising, or intuitive guided conversation. You will be able to choose a level of partnership that best fits your needs, in which those credits will go towards an appointment of your choice with the option to carry it over month to month or used on behalf of your friends or family.

Even More Good news.

Because your investment will be given to the Enlightened Collective Inc, a 5013c Tax Exempt Non-Profit, all your support will be eligible for tax credit at the end of the year. So instead of having spent X amount of funds towards psychic readings at the end the year, you’ll now be donating towards a charity and still able to receive your regular readings and advising sessions.

Here is the following breakdown of monthly partnership options. All credits can be carried over month to month or applied towards fee of online course or live workshop/retreat or gifted to friends or family.

$10.00/Month = 5 min/ per month

$25.00/Month = 15 min per month

$35.00/Month = 30 min per month

$45.00/Month = 45 min per month

$55.00/Month = 60min per month

$75.00/Month = 90min per month

$125/Month = 120min per month

$150 or more/Month = Unlimited sessions per month (Perfect for a family or a small circle of friends)

If you feel lead to invest in this ministry partnership with me through any of the above methods I have attached a link to the page where you can submit your monthly investment or create a recurring donation draft. Click here to begin your partnership collaboration and begin using your credits.

If you are not interested in having access to regular psychic reading or advising sessions but feel lead to invest in my ministry you are more than welcome to give a one-time gift or contribution towards my ministry work by using the link below.

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I hope this letter will give you some idea of what I’m doing, but I would love to speak with you personally and explain more in detail about the work I’ll be doing as Facilitator of Spiritual Enlightenment with the Enlightened Collective Inc.

If you are interested in speaking with me directly about this partnership opportunity just reply to this email “more info please” and let me know a good time to call you or meet with you.

I appreciate you taking time to read this email and thank you for considering being in partnership with and the possibility of creating a better world for all.

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Don’t Be This Person This Holiday!

soul entanglment

It’s that time of year again and all over the world in every religion and every family the days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day are nothing short of a messy mix of emotions and stress.

The sad reality is that very few us will actually experience this holy time of year as happy, and here is how many of us will ruin it and have ruined it in the past. . . . . .

By not being present with those are near and dear. Jewish Rabi, Rabbi Heschel wrote, “In every moment, something sacred is at stake.” This is especially true during this special and sacred time of year.

As you have often heard it said, the now moment is a gift, that why it’s called the present. Time, talk and touch, these are the gifts our loved ones will cherish most of us and in order to give these authentically you must now how to be present and stay in the moment.

But at the same time don’t let tradition and superstition bound you to those you fear who are far over those who are dear and near. The Hebrew proverbs says, “Better a dry crust with peace and quiet than a house full of feasting, with strife”.

Nothing is honorable or holy about giving up your sacred time off from work and duty to spend it with people who only cause you stress. If you can’t show up and be fully present then don’t offer your presence to the mess.

Cheers to making the Holidays Holy again!


What Type of Spiritual Support Do You Need?

We all have moments of crisis in our lives when we know we need the support of others, but with so many different kinds of spiritual support providers it can sometimes be another challenge just figuring out what type of spiritual support provider you need.

The following list is a great reference for discovering exactly what kind of support you need assistance with.

1. Psychic Readings/Advising: Support individuals who are mentally perplexed or spiritually lost by offering higher insight, clarity, and confirmation.

2. Energy Healing: Support individuals who are physically wounded or energetically misaligned by channeling healing energies towards the source of that person’s imbalance.

3. Spiritual Mentoring: Support individuals who are overwhelmed with the demands of life by their willingness to be an affirmative presence and when guided offer words of wisdom and understanding.

4. Relationship Mediating: Support individuals who may be seeking help with reconciling conflict with another or seeking to attract more fulfilling relationships.

5. Life & Progress Coaches: Support individuals who are feeling stuck or trapped by empowering them to take action while offering accountability.