Get Mentoring or Advising

Get Mentoring or Advising

October Rates:

Spiritual mentoring:

 30 min/$25 1hr/$45

Psychic Advising:
15 min (1-3 Topics) $15
30 min (4-6 Topics) $25
Chakra Analysis (1hr) $45

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I received my first tarot reading from Adam about 2 years ago. My life hasn’t been the same since. I knew from that moment that there was definitely something to those cards. Everything that was shown then has come to pass. I have been getting tarot readings on a regular basis now from my gifted friend Adam. He uses his gift on insight and intuition to get to the heart of the matter. Because of how much he has helped me I was encouraged to start giving readings myself. I’m still a novice but because of Adam I am now able to assist others in whatever issues they are going through.

I was thoroughly impressed with the reading that I was given.
I am a skeptic when it comes to “readings” and Tarot readers and anything that has to do with Divination. However, I was highly impressed with his intuitive abilities and his straightforward approach, tendered with sincerity and care when revealing the information that he is recieving from my spirit guides.
I look forward to our readings and want to also learn from Adam how to read the Tarot as well! Adam you are truly a gifted reader!!

First I would love to state that this website is wonderful and informational….absolutely love my experience with receiving a tarot card reading was wonderful enlightening and has helped me take the steps I needed in the right direction. I have never received a reading before and I will definitely go back to Adam Melvin for more he has beautiful positive energy and eagerly seeks ways to improve those around him who do not always have mental clarity due to stress or living life on a daily basis I am truly in love with this work of art and form of spirituality if you have not tried this before well you are in the right direction and it never hurts to try never know what answer you will find. Or possibly what questions to ask. Peace n blessings much much love…. sincerely Blessed &Highly favored


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