Christ Groups

Christ Groups


Human beings are literally hardwired for narrative. Stories form the fabric of our being. What makes a story powerful is not necessarily facts, but how the story creates meaning in the hearts and minds of the listeners.

One of the most well known stories from the last 2,000 years is the story of Jesus of Nazareth. The story of Jesus is the story of human with Christ Consciousness Activation.

By immersing in the previous and latest untold story of the Life & Teachings of Jesus presented in the Uranita Book , readers and students can have their Christ Consciousness Activated.

The return of Christ is the Massive Awakening of The Christ Consciousness in humans on a widespread scale, the Activation of our Cosmic Self-ID

A Group consist of collectively studying the life and teachings of the Cosmic Christ as presented in the book and group energetic exercises for raising your vibration and channeling the I am/Christ Consciousness into your everyday human experience and situations.

The Urantia book can be downloaded as an app for free at

There is a $10.00 Facilitators Appreciation Request to Attend this meetup.

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