Why You Must ‘Get Out’ Before This Summer Ends

Why You Must ‘Get Out’ Before This Summer Ends

We still have a lot more summer left, and in this post I want to encourage you to ‘Get Out’ more!

1.’Get Out’ of your mind; Some of ya’ll been so dominated this summer by “what would others say”, that you’ve missed divine opportunities to express your ideas, humor, creativity in ways that motivate and inspire others.

2. ‘Get Out’ of your clothes; Yes you heard me correctly, get naked and expose that body to this summer Sun and the natural elements. When was the last time you let your bare feet touch the grass and dirt? The Sun rays have lots of natural vitamin D that’s very beneficial to our health, So go expose those toes, and those always covered parts of your body that only the Lord knows.

3. ‘Get Out’ from up under those evil conversations; Our lives revolve around the narratives in our head, the narratives we have among our friends, the narratives we inherit from our families, the narratives we hear in the movies and on the news. We can’t help but be involved in some narrative, its just the way we are wired. But please check those narratives you partake in that do not speak highly of yourself, other people, races or groups.

4. “Get Out” of your town!! Even if its just a ride over to the next town or border state, you’ll be surprised what an easy little road trip can do for your life. The beach or a vacation may not be your reality this summer, but that don’t let that stop you from getting out of ‘your town’.

So Cheers to you for getting out this summer! Be sure to keep a journal or post pics to your social media!


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