What is Spirit And Progress?

What is Spirit And Progress?

Or a better question… How can it serve you?

Every choice and decision you make is transforming you into some kind of person. At every moment of your life you are either becoming the best version of yourself or some negative distortion of that version.

Spirit and Progress exist to assist you in becoming the best version of yourself by assisting you with your spiritual formation, the process of conforming with your cosmic identity and realizing higher values and truths.

 Our Spiritual Values:

Love: The purely animal mind may be gregarious for self-protection, but only spirit conformity produces an intellect that is unselfishly altruistic and unconditionally loving

Wisdom: Only spirit conformity  mind can comprehend that the universe is friendly to the individual.

Worship: Only the spirit conformity allow one to realize the divine presence and seek to attain a fuller experience in and with this foretaste of divinity.