The Progress & Light Lifestyle

The Progress & Light Lifestyle


Love and Light. All that one will ever need in life.


When Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life” he wasn’t demanding worship but making it known that he was the example of the life we are meant to live. Yet it is much easier to have a faith about him, than to live a life of faith like him, a lifestyle of love and light.


The Laws of God are made known to all people through observing creation. But the Love of God is revealed to creation by the presence of those who live the lifestyle of love and Light. These are the real children of God,whom Jesus Christ is the eldest.


Those who live a lifestyle of love and light make others feel good about being alive. They are the Salt of the Earth, their presence alone makes the most distasteful and unpleasant situations easier and better to swallow.


To love as perfect, even as their father who is love, loves perfect, is the driving force behind all who live that lifestyle of love and light. Co-operation and compromise flow naturally and effortlessly resulting in freedom and enjoyment in all degrees of interpersonal relationships and interactions.


Until one who is called to live that lifestyle of love and light have given themselves completely over to it, nothing else they do will matter. And once they have fully immersed themselves in it, no matter what is done to them, it will not matter.


The Love and Light Lifestyle can only be maintained by being consistently emptied out upon others.


The chase of lust and illusions may drive the world but the lifestyles of the children of progress and light keep it from going under. And even if they should default their is a Higher Love so great that a way will still be made for humanity to escape the natural consequences and trappings of ignorance.


The real children of God by no means believe that misfortunes and hardships are caused by the a Supreme Being. However they know and trust that the Supreme who is Love will and can use any situation and unpleasantness to bring them to their hearts desire of more Love and Light.

The Lifestyle of Love & Light  Transmissions; Received by Addam June 2013

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