The Secret To Your Pain

The Secret To Your Pain

The Law of Attraction is always on and working to match you to the inner you. The Law of Attraction is the Secret, the secret to your pain or your gain. Your inner experience is the source of all that your are attracting in your life or those unwanted situations you keep finding yourself being attracted to.

Twenty years ago the singer/songwriter Lauryn Hill asked “How you gonna win, when you ain’t right within?”, and that is the most relevant question in your life at all times my friend.

The Inner You Is The Drawing Board

Your inner experience is either drawing you to the situations or drawing situations and experiences to you. It is really true, when you change your inner experience, your outer experiences begin to shift. When you posses the inner experience you desire in your heart, you’ll never need to posses it in your hands, and when you no longer need something, that’s when it always shows up.

Shift Your Frequency

This new prayer technique I’ve created helps brings instant relief and relief to all kinds of emotional di-ease and mental agitation.

If you would like some help at shifting your inner experience I highly recommend this session.

This prayer technique is done three parts:

1. Identifying one’s current source of frustration or anxiety and the level of intensity associated with it.

2. Identifying the negative functioning narrative associated with the frustrations.

3.Opening one up to receive immediately a new inner experience in their innermost self and on a cellular level in order for healing to occur.

For those who have already experienced a few sessions have immediately felt extremely lighter and clearer and released from the situation that was the source of their current frustration and emotional di-ease.

Well I hope you all have found this email enlightening and if you would like my help at shifting your inner vibrational frequency click here to schedule your “Frequency Re-Alignment Technique”

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