My Personal Faith and Beliefs About the Bible, Jesus and Other Religions

My Personal Faith and Beliefs About the Bible, Jesus and Other Religions

Human Beings Vs Spiritual Beings

There are two types of ways of “Being”  on the planet at this time, the 1st and the oldest is The Human Being, an evolved being of animal origin, led by an evolved intellect of animal origin. The 2nd type is The Spiritual Being, an being born of Spiritual Regeneration of the human mind, driven by the search and attainment of meaningful ideals and lasting values.

The Bible, Jesus, and Other Religions

I believe the bible as a collection of truth inspired text and instructions for spiritual growth is useful and of value when each text or book contained within is understood within in proper context as separate source of inspiration inspired by unrelated channels and mediums for truth beauty and goodness.

I do not believe that bible or any written word should be used as the exclusive authority on how one should conduct the affairs of their daily living and human experience.


I believe Jesus was an actual person who was born and lived in the flesh as both a human and divine being. I believe he is the prototype of and the first of what all human beings are destined to become through full co-operation with the Spirit of Truth Working with in them, that was released on the Earth by the Jesus work in the flesh over 2,000 years ago

I do not believe Jesus was sent by The Creator of Universe and Father of all to be killed as a sacrifice for the Sins of Humanity.

I believe in the inherent of error humanity that leads to evil but I do not believe humanity is inherently sinful.

I believe sin to be the conscious and deliberate choice to resist truth, and work against the Spirit of Truth in one’s day to day choices and actions and intentions.

Institutional Religion vs Personal Religion

I believe that all religions contains truth and all religions can benefit from the mutual study and respect from each.

I believe that Institutional Religion that seek to claim exclusive ownership of truth or the way of salvation are limiting to spiritual growth and evolution.

I believe that True Religion is a personal spiritual experience of person devoted to finding meaningful ideals and lasting values and living them out in their day to day interactions and situations.


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