Services And Fees

Services And Fees

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Click on a service below to read more about the service and/or pay online; Each of these services can be rendered in person, over the phone, or Skype.

Spiritual Check-In

This reading utilizes with my prophetic- intuitive abilities as the primary tool of the session. If needed, I will bring in tarot as guided with your permission. The reading is a purposeful dialogue designed to help you assess your current spiritual situation or growth and offer guidance going forward, immediately and into the near future.

45 Minutes @ $75.00

Specific Focus Consultation

Sometimes you may just need to insight into a specific event or situation that does not require a full on Spiritual Check In. If you have a question or situation that needs exploring over the phone (without the prep work for a Spiritual Check In or it’s in depth energy), the following rate applies.

15 Min @ $25.00

Intuitive Development

Are in you interested in exploring and developing your intuitive and psychic gifts. Learn about meditation, the chakras, how to work with your dreams, and how to listen to your Higher Self. The following rate applies

1.5 Hour Session @ $60.00

General Payment

If we have discussed an alternative payment amount, please go to the following link and make payment.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me at 919.244.3985 or email me @

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