It’s none of your biz

It’s none of your biz

. . . what other people think or say about you.  Do believe this.

You can not invest your time and attention investigating and interrogating every suspect person who you think is ‘talking about you’.

Even if your intuition is right and it most likely is, what is it to you what they are saying or have said about you??

Everyone is entitled to their opinion of your actions or how they interpret you intentions.

This doesn’t mean you ignore someone who has directly accused you of offending them, that is your biz to handle, but to launch a major investigative operation in order to ‘set someone straight’ is a pissing in the wind.

JudgementYes you will feel hurt by having your name falsely spoken of  and being misunderstood, but if you mind your business and do your work in time there will come a ‘judgment day’ when your true intentions and personality can’t be denied and those weak ones who mistook their perception of you as your reality will be forced with shame to realize they were deceived by their own self-projections.

Therefore I say live in the truth, tell the truth, be true, and in the end all your seemingly contradictory actions will line up and you’ll be justified.


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