The 4 Kinds of “Intimate Partnerships” or “Soul Mates”:

The 4 Kinds of “Intimate Partnerships” or “Soul Mates”:

soulmates211. Twin Flame:  A Twin Flame is anyone who has the ability to activate the monogamous mating instinct that in turns creates in you a magnetic attraction, and a warmheartedness affection towards another of an opposite polarity.  These Twin Flame Associations produce a natural yearning to experience all the qualities associated with an ideal Earth Mate Union. However, even though there may be a strong magnetic pull towards a Twin Flame, it may not be reciprocal. The average human has thousands of twin flame possibilities on the earth. These are most often confused as ‘The One’ True Soul Mate.

2. Earth Mate: This is another human vowed to witness your life on earth, a complimentary polar opposite partner in your service work to humanity or earth, and a companion equally committed to your good pleasure as you are theirs. Earth mates may or may not include consummation or marriage.

3. Parent Partnerships:  These are people who have chosen or the circumstances of life has chosen for them to cooperatively share in the High Responsibility and dedication of Child Rearing as a result of the random producing of an offspring through an act of sex. These partnerships may or may not be  with someone who is your twin flame or your earth mate, but they will require some level of intimacy at least during the duration of child rearing.

4.’The One’ True Soul Mate:  The soul’s true mate is not a human or existing in the realm of time it is nevertheless very real, personable, and accessible on a soul level hence why it is our ‘soul’s mate’ not human mate. The essence of our soul is spiritual and thus the true mate of our soul is our eternal non-human spiritual counterpart. Some call it our Higher Self, or simply God.  It is ‘The One’ whom we are seeking to be one with for eternity.

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