Psychic Intuitive Training & Development

Psychic Intuitive Training & Development

healingenergiesEveryone is psychic. We are all born with an intuitive awareness that guides us, protects us, and helps us make decisions. As you learn the language of your intuition, you develop a dynamic relationship with yourself and your world, and your life changes for the better.

These fun interactive classes offer inspired tools for soulful living. You will learn that being psychic is more than just a skill, it is a way of life.

Each class offers exercises, demonstrations, guided meditations, and group activities to help you awaken your sixth sense, and develop a dynamic relationship with your spirit guides and inner wisdom.

Cost: $15.00 per class: (Discounts for Contributing Partners)

2016 Meeting & Course Schedule

Tuesday April 19th: “What Type of Psychic Are You?”

Tuesday May 3rd: TBD

Tuesday May 17th: TBD

Tuesday May 31st: TBD

Tuesday June 14th: TBD

Tuesday June 28th: “Final Class of The Quarter”

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