Types of Readings

Types of Readings

photoGeneral Life Readings

Life readings address the different aspects of your life such as your career or health, or relationships. The intention that I hold for every reading is that you will be able to find out what you most need to know in order to help arrive at where you most need to be.

Chakra Analysis

The human body contains seven major energy centers,  commonly referred to as “chakras” . They are centers of vital force, through which we receive, transmit and process life energies. The chakras can be felt as spinning vortexes of energy during certain moments of excitement or frustration.

Chakra-Chart1Chakras readings reveal to you the thoughts and beliefs that keep your stuck in emotional dis-ease and mental agitation. By recognized the sponsoring thoughts we are able to hit the devil on its head and release the resistance that is blocking change and progress in your life.

The Chakra Readings are done remotely or in person and include a chart that will list the state of each of your chakras and personal emotional freedom techniques for each Chakra.

Visit me online at www.whispersoftheoracle.com for an online reading Monday and Tuesday Night..


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