The 7 Pursuits of Personal Religion

The 7 Pursuits of Personal Religion are a guide I created that one can use in creating their own personal daily religious philosophy. They are borrowed from all of the world religions and restated and reframed from like in the 21st century.

  1. PrayerA state of asking and affirming the intervention divine power or unseen spiritual or cosmic forces Watchword = Affirming
  2. Sincerity – Act of being honest and truthful to oneself and other selves in such a way that one and others have the full opportunity to arrive at the most appropriate conclusion of your intentions and ways of behaving as related to them. Watchword = Honesty
  3. Forgiveness – a state of releasing all resistance and choosing to give allowance for what its, not resisting, not supporting, not judgment but full positive surrender to that which is including the space for the error of ones actions or the error of another actions . Watchword = Release
  4. Meditation– a state of seeking alignment with the divine presence or the inner light emanating in one’s inner most self and allowing this divine light to absorbed into one’s entire molecular structure and complete being through recreation, solitude, and meditation. Watchword = alignment
  5. Re-Completion – the cognitive choice to re-think and apply effort to changes one’s former approach to living and way of being in existence. Watchword = reinvent
  6. Loyalty – Good humored inflexibility to one’s own thought, words, ideals, convictions and personal constitution.
  7. Dharma – Responding to the call of by offering to world your inherited or learned talents to specific placed they are most needed and required for the advancement of civilization. Watchword = Cooperation

To Begin Using the 7 Pursuits in your life, Click Here to Schedule a Single Spiritual Mentoring Session on one of the 7. 

Watch this video for more information about the importance of having your own personal religion.

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