Weekly Zodiac Element Forecast Probabilities & Motivation

Weekly Zodiac Element Forecast Probabilities & Motivation


Zodiac Forecast and Probabilities Per Element –

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An opportunity to break your established patterns and unlock some new levels of prosperity and progress

Many of you have been struggling with Guilt for not being as consistent or dedicated to the daily task at hand as your other earth or Air friends 

This week surrender to letting go of trying prove yourself to anyone – feel the guilt or Shame – don’t suppress it don’t act on it but choose a new level of self acceptance and self respect and break your old pattern of self hatred and conformity 

It could be a week to break the old established patterns and unlock some new levels of prosperity and progress



My earth friends many of you will need to be prepared to feel let down this week by other people 

 Rather it’s feeling betrayed by your co workers, disappointed by your friends or family or misunderstood by your lover or intimate ones 

You are going to be asked to stay focus on the higher power and the bigger picture that everyone in your life is just playing their part – and it’s it your job to focus on your response and your behavior to their actions

Rather the misunderstanding are real or imagined you are feeling it So it’s real

Surrender to feeling the sense of hurt or loneliness while being grateful for this moment to look to God and your Higher Self as your strongest support

Don’t give into the pity or the apathy but give thanks for then interpersonal set back – choose to forgive – choose to wait for the bigger picture and be ok feeling a little let down without creating a narrative about it what the others did or did not do 

Also know that other earth sibling are also going through It some even more intense than you 



Cooperation and development of your big life plan. It’s time to release your inner beauty and showcase your creativity. Seek council within yourself or with your other trusted friends or advisor to get clear on what your big focus project needs to be over the next 3 weeks or for your some of your older Air signs the next 3 months or for some of you all the next 3 years 

Look to your higher self for clues or reflect on your journals over the years to see the creative themes and ideas you’ve been toiling to to implement but have to not committed to you yet 

Get help and get accountability. Join with another who can assist or who you can assist.

Seek to engage your mind body and soul in your projects and be surrendered to giving it your best and not so much on the completion of it but focus on giving it your best daily and enjoying every moment that your invested in it 



Discipline and slow movement. It’s very important that you all stay very disciplined this week with the personal commitments you have made. It means showing up on time and following through with the plans and projects you have made with others.

Slow down and think before you jump in any further commitments. Your desirable energy and presence will be sought out by all the other signs this week and it’s important that you are prioritizing your word and commitments to your self and then the other selves

Take your time getting back to people – don’t let anyone one make you feel like their need for your time or help is your emergency. 

Move with grace and self dignity this week as Your fulfill and complete your duties and priorities 

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