3 Ways To Meet Your Best Self

3 Ways To Meet Your Best Self

There is a popular saying that goes as follows, “Your Best Thinking Got You Here” . . . as you reflect on your ‘here’ ask your self how satisfied are you with what your thinking has come up with for you so far?

Do you deserve a congratulations? Or is it time to get help with your life planning processes and strategies?

If you fall in the category of being dissatisfied with your “here” and can own up to the fact that you have been doing your best thinking, then I want to suggest to you 3 ways you can get help with your thinking.

1. Hire a Life Coach: The definition of a coach is someone who can help and support you from getting from one point to another. Life Coaches see what you don’t see and help you connect what’s working with what’s not working in your life.

2. Join or start a Mastermind Group: A mastermind group consist of 3 to 5 people who meet regular to assist each other on a common goal. It can be weight loss, increasing income, writing a novel, parenting, or building a business. The goal of the group is to offer insight and accountability to each other to ensure that what is known is being put into action. (Contact me if your interested in learning how to lead or start a mastermind group)

3. Survey Your Friends & Family: Surveys Work! Create a survey about your past behavior and actions using one of the many free survey apps or programs that’s out there and email your friends and family to get a better assessment of how your thinking has served you and not served you. An example of a survey question would be “How well do you think my ideas bring me the results I need and desire”. This survey should only be sent to people who you feel know you well.

Remember life is about increase, we came here to grow and expand and our desires and innate urge for joy will not allow us to settle for less than the ultimate experience, and your mind is the ultimate builder of that experience. Therefore make sure your mind is always at its best.

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