5 Insights I’ve gained From 5 Years of Work as a Tarot Reader

5 Insights I’ve gained From 5 Years of Work as a Tarot Reader

photo1. Faith is a muscle and those who refuse to exercise their faith, tend to experience life and other humans as drudgery. But faith in the good of others and in the power of a higher being tends to provide zest and enthusiasm for daily life and interactions with other selves.

2. The Law of attraction is actually working against most people due to the their focus on what they do not want. Wanting a thing only tends to attract to you a state of conditions in which you continue to ‘want’.  That’s why the most powerful affirmative prayer starts with “The Lord is My Shepard I shall not Want”.

3. “Love” is the most confusing word in all of human language, and real love rarely has anything to do with most people’s “love” readings. True Love is being committed to another person’s happiness without regard to what you get from them. Most people have an extremely hard time learning to Love the one they fall in love with.

4. The most perfect and complete Joy comes through some some kind of service/work that utilize one’s strongest strengths and natural talents in way that can used by another or by society. It truly is more blessed to give than receive.  It seems that it is almost  impossible to remain in a depressed state when you make your God given gifts available as a gift to bring joy or hope to another.

5. Everyone’s future is a ‘glorious becoming’. It may not become glamorous in terms of quantity of possessions but most assuredly in quality of experience. Most people spend so many wasted hours worrying over their future situations, but if they took a good look back at their past they will see that their future has only continually gotten much better in terms of experience. This again is where one’s faith plays a huge role in regards to the quality of their life experience while on Earth.

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