A Light Workers Timeline:

A Light Workers Timeline:

pastorfamilypastorfamilyjoy to the world pic piedmont park1975: My parents get married.


pastorfamilypastorfamily1977: My Dad to be has a Born Again experience which sets foundation the home environment I’ll be born into. He is graced with the “gift of prophesying and healing through the laying on of hands”.

1980: My Mom Gives birth to me. (So I’ve been told) 😉

1984:My Dad begins Pastoring his first church and I become a Preacher’s Kid. HeMan is Everything to me.

1985: I start elementary school  disillusioned it’s not as awesome as my sister proclaimed. Contrary to my high expectations derived from her stories, I did not learn how to read or write on the first day.


1989: Back To The Future Two and Ninja Turtles is everything to me.

1992: I realize I absolutely hate going to school.


1994: I start High School and Puberty. Interpersonal Relationships become awkward.  I read Romeo & Juliette.  My “everyday love obsession” with automotive design starts.

1997: I’m awakened to personal development through Stephen Covey’s youth version of  “The 7 habits  of highly effective of people”.

1998: I want to be Sean Puffy Combs. I graduate from High School and leave home to begin college at NC State University in Raleigh NC.

2000: I become very sad about “not having” things. Then I have a Spiritual Transcendent Experience: I feel, think, and see everything different. I’m “Born Again”. My gift of prophecy is activated.

2002: I read Henry Blackaby’s “Experiencing God” & Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life and decide to join Campus Crusade For Christ’s Impact Movement.

 My first Trip to South Africa as a “evangelical christian missionary“. I am mesmerized by this trip. I read Dwight Edward’s “revolution within” .

2004: I become unsure about institutional religion and decide to leave full time ministry.I stumble upon the Nag Hammadi Library and I begin to expand my understanding of Jesus & Christianity. I also start studying Dr. Muata Ashby’s work. Later in the year I read the “science of getting Rich” and begin a desire to know all about The Law of Attraction.



2005: I am Introduced to the Egdar Cayce material and the theory of Reincarnation and Christ Consciousness and begin to become more “New Age” in my thinking and theology. I also begin to experience something like Heart Break and frustration about the lack of romance in my life.

I watch The Secret DVD and becomes inspired to Teach the Law of Attraction. I make a return trip to South Africa.


2007:  Introduced to the work of David Wilcock.  Evolves  further into The New Age Thought and learns about the 2012 shift and how to develop my inherited prophetic abilities.

2008: I relocate from Raleigh NC to ATL GA. Feeling called by gift of prophecy and my studies of Edgar Cayce and David Wilcock I purchases a deck of tarot cards and begin to teach myself how to read the Tarot.

2009:  I become a huge 2012’er. I relocate back to Raleigh N.C. to begin work on my Masters Degree in History At NC Central University.

2010: I have my first past life regression. I stop working on my Masters.  I return to Atlanta Ga. Begin work at LIFE University where I am allowed to offer to give Tarot Readings to my Co-workers. They Are Impressed.


2011: I Quit Working at Life U. and begin working on my Masters of Divinity at Mercer  University’s  School of Theology. I Receive my first psychic reading. It’s very encouraging. I want to help encourage others in the same manner. Not so frustrated with the lack of romance. No more experience heartbreak like emotions.
2012: I join a psychic development group and drastically improve my natural psychic ability. Anxiously waiting for 12/21/12. I Begin the negative reaping of financial hardship due to not having a solid flow of income the past 6 years.

adam and tarot cards2013: Ready to enter into the “New Age” of living. Begins full time work as a psychic adviser at the underground mall in Atlanta.  Become introduced to a whole new group of people and places in Atlanta.

2014: Experiences a drastic increase in the demand for my psychic readings and my work as a Psychic Adviser. I launch my ministry to help others in their faith development.
2015: T.B.D

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