Are Church People Dumbing Down Their Youth?

Are Church People Dumbing Down Their Youth?

nikola tesla quotesThe modern person is actually more aware of their spiritual needs and shortcomings more than ever before.

But due to the intellectual progress of the human mind, it’s quite hard for one to find peace and consolation for mind and soul through the same methods as those who believed that the world was flat, and the Earth was the center of the Universe.

That’s why most of the worlds greatest innovators of the last 50 years had to set aside accepted traditional religious beliefs in order to release their genius.

Many religions today are unintentionally dumbing down their youth, who’s intellectual comprehension far exceeds the widespread belief in the need to do something to satisfy an “Angry God” or “Angry Ancestors”.

That’s why it appears that we are about to experience another great awakening here in America and all over the world.

Get Ready!!




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