Five 100% Real Things You Know But Forget Too Often.

Five 100% Real Things You Know But Forget Too Often.

1.”My mind is the builder of my life”: Telling yourself that “Life is hard” may bring you self-pity but it’s a tell tale sign that you are spoiled and deceived into believing that you are not responsible for your own choices. You create your reality with your thoughts that you keep. If You change your mind and this you can do, then you can change your reality and live a life that you love and one that you can find much satisfaction from.

2. “My past could not have been any any different than what it is”: It may be humbling to admit it, but if you really knew better you would have done better. Whatever choices you have made, and actions you failed to make, all in all they were the result of your best thinking. The prideful lie we tell ourselves is ‘if we could do it over we would choose different’ but that idea is a false sentiment and a trap to keep you stuck in an energy bubble of regret and grief. Your past is your past and if you humble yourself and get out of the way, life is able to use all your errors and mistakes to work in your favor. The Lord is your Shepard and God’s goodness and mercy shall follow up behind your missteps all the days your life. Only learn and truly distill the lessons from the past, and it shall not be repeated.

3. “If others knew better they would do better”: Not only are you living life out of your very best thinking but so are God’s other beloved creatures that’s been placed within your life. Your ego may derive some vindication at the belief that someone’knew better’ than to do do ‘that’ whatever that may be but the truth is if they really knew better they wouldn’t have done it. As you began to humbly accept that you are doing your best you will then realize that others are doing their best. As Edgar Cayce says. “There is enough good in the worse of us and enough bad in the best of us that none of us should speak ill towards any of us.”

4. “My joy comes from bringing joy to others”: If you want to be happy, if you desire joy, no matter what exaggerations the ego may tell you about the importance of your desires, if you seek to bring joy into the life of another that joy will
return to you 10 fold. This world would turn into paradise if we all took on the mission of Jesus and made it our mandate that we have come that others may have life and life more abundantly. The reason why so many of us don’t feel like we are living a life and a life more abundantly is because we are to occupied and focused on taking stuff from somebody else life in an attempt to make our life look or feel abundant, but true joy and abundance comes not from taking but through giving. Joy is not found in getting your physical needs met alone. The requirements of living; food, clothes, shelter, may bring you gratification, but aren’t able to bring you joy. Those things only allow you to be able to strive safely and enthusiastically at bringing joy to others.

5. “Real Love manifest as allowance”: Nothing heals and transforms like the energy of Love, Real Love that is. Real love is not only an unconditional commitment to another persons joy, but Real Love manifest itself as ‘allowance’. It is giving space to another to be or do whatever they are being or doing without needing them to be or do any thing otherwise. The moment you find yourself requiring or demanding any of your ‘beloved’ ones to be or do anything other than what they are being or doing is the moment you are choosing to not love them. This does not mean you allow others to harm you or put you at risk, but instead of trying to change their disruptive behavior you ‘allow’ them to be as they are as you get yourself and your stuff far away from them and give them the space to be or unfold their own breakdown or breakthrough. And their God is able to see them through. Your physical absence from their mess is not an absence of love but a sign of the love you have for them and yourself.

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