Give Up Trying to End Racism.

Give Up Trying to End Racism.

Racism is even older than depicted in this ancient Egyptian scene.

Racism is not a problem. Racism,”the belief that members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race”  . . will never end. The human species will always manifest unique differences among its self and such is “the variety of life”. The problem is hate.

Hating others for their differences and then justifying that hate with notions of superiority of anykind is what breeds violence. One may hate another simply because of their race, another may hate another because of their sexuality, others are hated on due to their beliefs, and then others hate simply because they are tired of being hating on. And although we may not be able to end racism we can end hate.

Instead of being suspicious of others who are different from you, be suspicious of your own racial suspicions. Be suspicious of how you let the media or any other voice rouse you to anger through the “what if this was the other way around” scenarios. Be suspicious of why you think you need to suppress another’s belief of racial superiority or religious superiority while seeking to maintain your own beliefs of superiority. Be suspicious of your need to defend, blame, or attack. Be suspicious of your need for vengeance. Be Suspicious of your own ignorance.

Trying to fix a problem from the same level of consciousness that caused the problem is not possible. The so called “race problem” can’t be solved through more hate, political agendas, racial reconciliation conferences, or any other humanitarian effort. The quickest way to realize the sisterhood of mankind is to allow for and promote the spiritual evolution of our species.

Hate can’t be overcome with hate. Hate can only be overcome with love. Love manifest itself as allowance. Allowing another the space to be. Allowance for them to hate, to be ignorant, to be intolerant without reciprocating back to them the same.

Racial minds will always differ, but when these minds become upgraded with, and dominated by the unifying power of love through a personal spiritual experience, then peace on earth and goodwill towards all can become a reality. World peace starts with your peace.

What are you putting back into the atmosphere? More hate or more love?

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