Good News; Bad News

Good News; Bad News

The bad news first:

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be transitioning away from offering psychic and tarot readings services to the general public as a pay for fee offering. Although I enjoy using my gifts and skills to help others find great clarity and insight into their day to day life situations it is time for me to begin to invest my energy in another opportunity.

The Good News:

I finally finished my Masters in Ministry Degree and I’ve created a position with the Enlightened Collective Inc, a personal development nonprofit, to serve full-time as a Spiritual Enlightenment Facilitator.

In this role of Facilitator I’ll be working full time as a spiritual support specialist leading small groups, spiritual advising, teaching, and leadership training in in the Atlanta Metro Area as well as virtually through online offerings.

More Good News:

I want you to be consider partnering with me and the Enlightened Collective Inc. by becoming a financial sponsor to help me cover my salary needed to exclusively to serve full-time as a facilitator of with the Enlightened Collective Inc

By choosing to become a ministry partner with me, you’ll continue to have access to my online scheduling system. This allows you to request and set up an appointment with me for either a Tarot reading, spiritual advising, or intuitive guided conversation. You will be able to choose a level of partnership that best fits your needs, in which those credits will go towards an appointment of your choice with the option to carry it over month to month or used on behalf of your friends or family.

Even More Good news.

Because your investment will be given to the Enlightened Collective Inc, a 5013c Tax Exempt Non-Profit, all your support will be eligible for tax credit at the end of the year. So instead of having spent X amount of funds towards psychic readings at the end the year, you’ll now be donating towards a charity and still able to receive your regular readings and advising sessions.

Here is the following breakdown of monthly partnership options. All credits can be carried over month to month or applied towards fee of online course or live workshop/retreat or gifted to friends or family.

$10.00/Month = 5 min/ per month

$25.00/Month = 15 min per month

$35.00/Month = 30 min per month

$45.00/Month = 45 min per month

$55.00/Month = 60min per month

$75.00/Month = 90min per month

$125/Month = 120min per month

$150 or more/Month = Unlimited sessions per month (Perfect for a family or a small circle of friends)

If you feel lead to invest in this ministry partnership with me through any of the above methods I have attached a link to the page where you can submit your monthly investment or create a recurring donation draft. Click here to begin your partnership collaboration and begin using your credits.

If you are not interested in having access to regular psychic reading or advising sessions but feel lead to invest in my ministry you are more than welcome to give a one-time gift or contribution towards my ministry work by using the link below.

Click here for a one time gift donation.

I hope this letter will give you some idea of what I’m doing, but I would love to speak with you personally and explain more in detail about the work I’ll be doing as Facilitator of Spiritual Enlightenment with the Enlightened Collective Inc.

If you are interested in speaking with me directly about this partnership opportunity just reply to this email “more info please” and let me know a good time to call you or meet with you.

I appreciate you taking time to read this email and thank you for considering being in partnership with and the possibility of creating a better world for all.

If your looking to schedule a reading or session with me before I make the full transition next month you can CLICK HERE

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