Is Your Religion Working For You?

Is Your Religion Working For You?

A person’s religion can help make them into a master or a disaster.  The honest answers to these 7 questions reveal the true value of your religious faith and experiences:

1. Are you enjoying better and more complete physical health?

True Self Mastery begins with taking responsibility for your only true “Real Estate”, The Body. You may have many big hopes and visions of what you want to accomplish and experience in life but if the body ‘ain’t able’ then there will be very little you’ll be able to actually be, do and experience.

2. Is your thinking becoming more efficient and practical?

Life is about making choices and intelligent decisions. As we get older our choices and decisions should reflect the wisdom we have acquired throughout our previous experiences. True Religion encourages a wise and practical mental life.

3. Are you able to fully and joyfully  share your religious experience in a community with others?

No man is an island. As humans beings we are designed for connection and community. Whatever inspiration or moving experience you experience, you should be able to share them in a way with others that they also can share in you joy.

4. Are you able to more perfectly carry out the commonplace duties of routine mortal existence.

Life is hard. The Realities of living on earth can be difficult but when one has a true religious faith, that faith can sustain and motivate them to live enthusiastically even in the face of the most trivial and mundane experiences.

5. Has your love for, and appreciation of, truth, beauty, and progress been enhanced?

A true religious faith gives one the ability to appreciate truth, to appreciate truth is to appreciate what is reality, this leads to the appreciation and recognition of beauty which then leads to the respect and appreciation for those things that progress truth and beauty.

6. Are you able to uphold the current recognized social, moral, ethical values or are you stuck in another age?

With every age and generation the moral and ethical values change.  True Religious faith doesn’t resist cooperating with the standard social values and practices but learns how to adapt by remaining attached to the highest ethical value, which is love others as yourself.

7. Is your cosmic insight or God-consciousness increasing?

When one has True Religious Faith, their spiritual eyes are opened and their view of life and of themselves and of others begin to take on a whole new perception. Year by year life becomes less about them and more about a greater awareness and unity that transcends ones immediate nation or tribe, or even their world but includes the unity of the cosmos.

We should always be asking ourselves these questions in regards to whatever religious experiences we have, and never stop examining and testing the things we believe in. Our lives and actions always reveal what is true, good, and of progress.  Know Thy Self.

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