Judgement Day is Coming . .

Judgement Day is Coming . .

JudgementOne of my favorite Tarot Cards is the “Judgement’ Card.

Most Religions speak of a “Judgement Day” as a future event after you have died where you will be judged for all your actions.

But the type of ” Judgment” that this card represents does not come after a physical death, but represents a day in your life when the truth of your choices are revealed, when the time to reap what you have sown arrives.

It is the “Last Day” of your not knowing the reality of a situation.  It is the moment when you learn that you did purchase the wrong car, chose the wrong mate, or that you  did make the right choice, or chose the right person, or it could be that day when you say “My Mom was right, I should not have come to this place”.

Some people fear Judgment Days, but I look forward to them, because life is about learning, and there is no better opportunity to learn about life than on a “Judgement Day”.  Learning brings about awareness and awareness leads to transformation.

Whenever this card appears in a reading, it is usually an indication that the true motives and intentions of yourself or another are about to be revealed.

Therefore live life authentically, choose the higher choice, and when this “day of reckoning” comes for you, “cause its gonna come” embrace it, learn from it and get back in the game more wiser and more aware than you were before.

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