Lazy People Don’t Do This.

Lazy People Don’t Do This.

We live in a culture that values sweat, determination and hard work. The normal man or woman doesn’t mind putting in the hours, working harder than everyone else, overcoming insurmountable obstacles or whatever it takes to live the life of their dreams.

But most people are utterly lazy when it comes to the hardest type of work that there is, the constant focus on truth despite appearances.

attracting wrong relationshipsThere is no more tougher work for mankind than that of looking past the appearance of things.

But to the person who can remain assured of the truth that the Universe  is friendly and conspiring to help them in spite of the appearance of failure and hardships, that person will forever remain at peace and in joy.

For the person who can think loving of themselves when bombarded by the appearance of rejection, that individual will manifest a storybook romance.

To the person who can focus in on their true abundance when swallowed up by the appearance of lack will never have to go without.

Those individuals who will not avoid this labor and refuse to give in to the contrary suggestions of appearances will conquer unhappiness and truly live a magical life.

And this ability can only be acquired through the simple and basic function of ones faith muscle.

Physical training may increase your energy and make you strong enough to climb a mountain but Faith Training will raise your vibration and make you strong enough to move a mountain.

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