Life Gets Easy When . . .

Life Gets Easy When . . .

The StarAlthough life on earth can be very demanding, its gets a lot less depressing and easier to manage  once you ‘actualize’ that you don’t exist primarily for yourself.

This is the reason why the unselfish live such happy and contented lives. They have surrendered to that idea that life is better in service to others and have discovered the joy and power that comes from seeking to serve first.

They are driven by the idea of making others feel glad to be alive and on the earth – this is the gift that keeps on giving and returns back to the source fen fold.

It is true unselfish people are hard to find, but not because they don’t exist but because selfishness can only recognize other selfishness and its deep rooted sense of entitlement keeps it forever blind to the selfless acts bestowed by the unselfish.

And yet while your  life may exist primarily for the sake of others, take caution because, ‘You just ain’t for everybody’, but blessed is the one who is where he is wanted, needed, and respected and may God have mercy on you if you have not yet found yourself in such a place!

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