47 Years Ago This Movie Prophecied Obama as President!

47 Years Ago This Movie Prophecied Obama as President!

Socrates said in regards to writers and poets, “that it was not wisdom that enabled them to write, but a kind of instinct or inspiration such as you find in seers and prophets who deliver all their sublime messages without knowing in the least what they mean.”

This wisdom from Socrates could surely be applied to many screen writers and novelist of today who’s works overtime have proven to be glimpses of the future or revelations of issues today.

comingtodinnerConsider the 1967 movie “Guess who’s coming to dinner”

This movie is about a young white American female who while living in Hawaii  falls in love and becomes engaged to a young black man who will soon return to African to continue some innovative work he begun there before coming to The University of Hawaii.

Doesn’t this story sound very familiar to the story told by the 44th president of the USA Barack Obama about the courtship of his parents that resulted in marriage and his birth in 1961.

Did the writers of “Guess who’s coming to Dinner” script this movie based on Obamas’s parents or is it just a huge coincidence?

The parallels between the young couple of the movie and Obama parents are striking. Even the look of the actors, Sidney Poitier and  Katharine Houghton who played the interracial couple look very similar to Obama Parents.

In the movie the couple met at the University of Hawaii where the young black man was working . In real life, Obama Parents also met at the University of Hawaii.

In the film, the young lady was from the San Francisco Bay area in California, Barack Obama’s mother before moving to Kansas was also raised in the San Francisco Bay Area while her father went to school at Berkeley.

obaba parentsThe movie portrayed the young white lady as a liberal thinker who was taught by her parents to be open minded and a free thinker.  This same personality that was portrayed by the young lady in the movie has often been the way many have given account of the personality of Obama’s mother Ann Dunham.

In the movie the young black man was portrayed as an ambitions intellectual who was planning to return to Africa to launch innovative programs that could improve health. Obama’s father, Barack Obama Sr. did return to Africa where his innovative ideas brought him into direct conflict with the then president of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta.

If those parallels don’t convince you this was a movie prophesizing that Obama would become president, watch this following scene from the movie in which the young lady’s father is questioning his future son in-law about their  future children.

Now do you think its too presumptuous to say the 44th President of the USA is the fuFILMent of “Guess who’s coming to dinner”??

It makes you wonder just how many other movies have contained prophetic utterances that have already been fulfilled in our current realities and social situations.

Lets just hope and pray all the Alien and Apocalyptic Films are written by False Prophets who prophesy to us “false visions and delusions of their own minds” 

Enjoy your summer movie going experience!


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