Reclaiming Self Worth

Reclaiming Self Worth

Your personal sense of worth is the major determinant regarding how you respond to everything that happens in your life; every interaction, and every situation.

From how you give and receive money, to how you give and receive love and affection, even how aggressive or passive you drive in traffic, all these responses are being dictated by your sense of worthiness.

 Self Worth vs. Self Esteem

Not to be confused with your self-esteem, your self-worth is your perceived sense of innate goodness based on your mere presence alone.

Your self-esteem is your confidence in your abilities or more specifically your ability to maintain or exceed the status quo or your social-cultural norms and mores. One can have a high degree of self-esteem but a low sense of self- worth. Self-esteem may make you feel “entitled” . . which sounds like “I’ve worked hard and deserve to get what I want” . . etc but it doesn’t do anything for your sense of worth.

Your sense of self worth/self-value is the answer to one basic question “how valuable do you feel your presence alone is”, take away your talent, your abilities, your looks, your status, and ask yourself how valuable do you feel you are without those things?

Hidden Deep In your Memory 

The truth of how you really feel about your innate value or worthiness lays hidden deep in your subconscious where it creates your external reality.

Mostly lies we have either inherited or came up with when we were young, your true sense of worth is usually not really known until you find yourself in the midst of hardship, rejection, or disappointment. It is during these low points we hear them in our mind as “I knew I’d never find love” or “I’d knew it was too good to be true for me” or “I feel guilty for receiving  . . ” . .etc

If you have the courage to sit with these thoughts and truly investigate them what you will discover is some lie that you went into agreement with a long long time ago about what you are allowed to experience or deserve in life, and no matter how hard you have sought to prove yourself through your education, looks, friends, and social status, your sense of self-worth remains the same.

Technology for Reclaiming Worthiness 

The basis of all religions has always been to exist as a psychological technology help you establish as basis for your sense of worthiness through connecting with spiritual realities or truth. Some have failed, some  have worked, some work not so well. But because of our limited senses, and our own mental psychological structures the great paradox is that you will have to find a rock, an anchor of truth outside yourself to re-align yourself to your inner truth and worthiness.

The world’s largest two religions have served humanity for centuries in regards to mental technology that helps one establish and reclaiming self-worth/self value

Christianity: – Your value is based on your faith in Jesus and his sacrifice for your wrongness allowing you to base your sense of worth on his horrific death on the cross in the place of your deserved punishment or any sense of not feeling “good enough”.

Islam: – helps you establish a sense of worthiness by giving you an easy set of rules to follow and adhere too and makes it easy and clearly set forth for you for you to align your actions with through “worthy actions” that if you follow will give you an improved sense of worth due to your peace with and blessings from Allah.

Your personal Religion: – If you feel you have evolved beyond institutional or indoctrinated religions your mental structure may still require you to have some personal narrative of truth distilled from your own personal spiritual experiences. Have you taken time to articulate your personal truths, do you have personal prayer/mantra that you can align to and use as the basis of your worthiness as human being on planet earth. How do you articulate to yourself your truth of the ultimate reality of who you are and your innate worth?

Reclaiming your worth will be an ongoing process that you will be constantly engaging in the rest of your life and without some anchor of truth you can hold on to when the reality or outer appearances suggest to your mind your worth has been compromised you will not be able to thrive on this planet.

It is my prayer and desire for you that you will know in frequency and truth the truth of your value like a diamond that you are.

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