Stop Doing This In 2016

Stop Doing This In 2016

. . . Doubting Your Future Joy and Happiness, stop doing it.

The Smurfs & a Happy Meal Box. This was heaven on earth!
The Smurfs & a Happy Meal Box. This was heaven on earth!

Speak the following lines to yourself; “My future is a glorious becoming” “My future is a glorious becoming” “My future is a glorious becoming”.

When I was 4 years old my idea of a glorious future for my adult self was working at McDonalds so I could eat all the burgers and fries I wanted while having unlimited access to all the toys that come inside a happy meal box.

When I  was in elementary school I dreaded the idea of middle school where there where no playgrounds with super slides and merry-go-rounds. My 5 year old mind couldn’t conceive of the other joys and happiness I would experience in middle school and  high school that did not involve sliding down a big red slide and swinging on swing sets.

Some of you are convinced that your glorious future must include lots of money in the bank, a dream spouse with a dream house, traveling all over the world, having the perfect body, or the perfect job.

But do you realize that right now your mind can’t conceive of all the ways the Universe can bring you joy and happiness in the coming days, weeks, months, years and decades.

Take a look back at your life and realize how drastically your capacity to experience joy and happiness from things you had no idea that you would find joy from has only increased over the years, and this it will continue to do even after your current body will expire and your soul moves on.

Yes your future in this life will have some rough challenges,  tough obstacles, and trying test but still your joy and happiness is guaranteed if you push through and do your work.

The Higher Powers that be knows you better than you do and they will work overtime at continually expanding your joy and happiness in ways unknown if you will only let them.

Weeping and boredom may endure for a season, but joy is surely coming.

Wait for it.

It only gets better. Turn up Your Faith.

“Say not, How is it that the former days were better than these? for thou dost not inquire wisely concerning this.” -Ecclesiastics 7:11


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