The Only 5 Things You Have Permission to Take Too Serious.

1. Your Influence on Children (especially yours): Unlike the other animals and insects, the offspring of humans aren’t born with their culture already in their DNA. Values aren’t instinctive in humans. Every generation has to be taught & trained “the more excellent way”. Society’s advances or regresses based on how well or poorly this is done. But the children are our future and what you shape them to be is the future society you’ll will find your self living in.

2. What you put in your mind/body/soul complex: You become what you eat, who you sleep with, and who you listen to (including listening to yourself). Choose carefully. Every moment of your day you are either moving toward the best version of yourself or the worst. Ask yourself often, what am I eating, who am I around, and how do I like what I am becoming as a result.

3. Your Death: It’s inevitable, and immature not to think about. Don’t be obsessive over it but do know it’s coming for you. You may or may not become a millionaire, you may or may not get married. But you will experience Death. It’s your most loyal friend that’s always waiting for you till the very end.

4. Your selfless service work to others: Your most perfect joy is experienced in direct proportion to your service to others. Your gifts and your talents are to not be taken for granted. Marrrianne Williams said “Success is going to bed at night knowing your gifts and talents where used in a way that made others feel good about being alive”

5. The divine flow of the Spirit (“quench not the Spirit”): It is vain and wasteful energy not to accept the place, people, and events that the divine providence have engineered for you to be in and around. Choose here and now to be committed to fully showing up wide awake and fully committed to “whatever come what may”. It’s very true that the Universe is friendly and supportive, but you will not receive an ounce of nourishment unless you have accepted the cards that have been dealt to you, and play them to the best of your ability

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My Homedog Redd takes everything way too serious.
My Homedog Redd takes everything way too serious.
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