The Top 5 ‘Epiphanic’ Movies of 2014

Epiphanic: something that triggers a moment of sudden revelation or insight.

#5. Interstellar:

This sci-fi space oddysessy is actually jammed packed with illustrations of the power of love, the illusion of time, and unforeseen consequences of ego.


#4. The Fault in Our Stars

This story about two terminally ill youth will be sure to awaken new Insights about pain, courage, and facing the realities of living on Earth.


#3. Boyhood:

After watching this¬†living film (it was shot over 12 years)¬†you will have absorbed the sentiments of the saying “For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.”


#2. Edge of Tomorrow:

Though this movie is full of unexpected humor it is is also a heck of a powerful illustration of repeating life lessons and learning how to recognize the cycles and seasons of life so you can survive and advance.


#1. Lucy:

This is one of modern society’s most perfect illustration of consciousness evolution and enlightenment. Minus the violence this is beautiful picture about the science of evolution and a wonderfully executed parable that shows how primitive humanity still is. And this also illustrates to how our bodies most likely respond and adapt when we raise our vibration.


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