What To Expect After Making A Complete Fool of Yourself.

  1. The FoolSelf-Discovery. – The greatest discoveries on the planet where found by “fools”. Learning brings about awareness and awareness brings about transformation.
  2. Transformation.  – The goal of life is evolution, humans evolve by trial and error. Infants learn to walk by falling.
  3. The ability to Inspire.  – Humans are inspired by the trial and error of others. The Wright Brothers were inspired to build their airplane after reading about the failed and disastrous results of others ‘fools’ who tried.
  4. The loss of Self-Importance. – After you have made a fool of yourself and you live to see the next day. You realize that you’re not as important as you thought you were.
  5. Less stress – Loosing self-importance immediately allows you to relax and feel safe going with the flow, without extra stress of trying to control what happens to you while in the flow.
  6. More energy. – It is exhausting trying to control and fight for your self-importance. Trying to keep your ego intact is draining and takes vital energy that can be used elsewhere.
  7. Mastery.  When you stop feeling important, you get important work done. You master several things as easily as one when you leave yourself out. Your success brings you respect and power, and other people take you very serious because of the work you’ve been able to accomplish.
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