Your November Zodiac Review

Your November Zodiac Review

Sometimes we move so quickly through a month waiting for next one to come, waiting for that next paycheck or we spend so much time resisting how fast the month is moving we forget to pay attention to some beautiful life lessons or experiences that may have unfolded for us.

I was inspired to send you a Friday email based around your zodiac to give you some assistance in helping you to re-collect and remind yourself of some beautiful experiences that you may have missed this November.  If it applies for you then just take time to relfect and then release the memory in Gratitude or Love.

Aires: November was about making choices from a place of balance and wisdom. Relying on your inner vision and values versus your passions and pleasure. How did you do?

Taurus: This past month you were being encouraged to act! To make a big commitment and zoom full speed ahead and afterwards survey the aftermath of your actions, and learn but keep it moving.  How did you do?

Genini: This was a month for us to remind ouselves about the goodness and innocence  of other who we might have became offended at due to our doings or something offesive we done to them. Did you find your faith again in others or a group of others?

Cancer: You won big this month. You were on it. Following through where you needed to and pushing through when you wanted to give up. Have you congratulated yourself and celebrated your small victory with a dear friend or two?

Leo: November was all about family for you. Reconnecting or releasing. Family is certainly important and your relationship with your family leads you up or down. Where did it take you?

Virgo: You learned how to rely on the beautiful gift of partneships. You usually appear to be the one who is on top of things but this November you were releived to let others see your real self? How did that feel to you?

Libra: You may have been a little sad this Novenber due to the realization its time to truly move on. Maybe it finally hit you that the past is the past. Are you letting go nicely or still keeping hope alive?

Scorpio: You had to hold on to your sense of worth and value this past November as you may have been tried and tested in that area. Did you not back down or did you give in to someome else’s estimate of you?

Sagetarious: You were being put in a lot of situations to tell the truth and say what you need to say or express how you really think during this November. Did you live up to the high calling of sincere communication?

Capricorn: You were being guided to get out your own way and let things happen without you needing to control every facet of it. Did you surrender by choice or force?

Aquarius: This November you got out your head a little and enjoyed some random unrational fun or relaxation and this time you really didn’t care what others thought. Or did you??

Pisces: Your feelings got you fired up and ready to handle whatever has been standing in your way of an exciting and fun filled life. Did you act on those feelings and make a commitment??

Love and Light to all you for making it through another November and cheers to your wonderful December on the horizon!


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