Your Root Chakra:

Your Root Chakra:

Did you know that endurance, perseverance, and resiliency are harnessed directly from your Root Chakra? And your Root Chakra Energy is regulated directly by your programed personal and inherited narratives around your beliefs dealing with effort and reward. 

Narratives that embrace Truth about the relationship between effort and reward open up the Root ChaKa while narratives that contain false notions (“What’s the point of trying when I never get what I want”) – about the relationship between effort and reward restrict and disrupt the Energy Power of the Root Chakra.

A restricted and disrupted root Chakra cuts one off from having the energy to endure, persevere and be resilient in the face of defeat and rejection – an inevitable experience of being human. 

Silently Read 1-3 Times:

Reading the following prayer at least 3 times before beginning any major or minor task will help you open up the Root Chakra  (Feel free to personalize it for even more success.) 

Dear Source and Central Force of the Universe, Even though my friend reading this hates every experience they have ever had in their life in which their time, effort and energy didn’t lead to any satisfying gain or reward, help them learn how to honor and respect their self in such a way that they will always put forth the very best effort in all that their hands and mind find to do or is required of them to do.  Give them the wisdom to know when to endure and when to quit. Show them how to put forth the right effort in smart ways, and please let there be mercy for them when they invest the right effort but in the wrong ways. Let peace, and sweet relief always be theirs at the end of all their efforts. Direct their thoughts and motivation to be guided by the higher use of their life all the days they are given here Earth and even after Earth.So be it and Amen.

Hope this prayer will help enable you to harness the enduranceperseverance and resilience needed to secure 2019 and beyond as some of the
best years of your life! 

 Love and Light to you!Addam/Adam

(hit me up if you wanna deeper look within  ) 

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