Your Personal Summer Prophecy

Your Personal Summer Prophecy

imageSummer is only few a days away and here is a summertime prophecy for everybody. “Your gonna be a different body come September.”

Only a very few of us ever go through the summer without experiencing a shift. Consider your top 5 most transformative life experiences. I guarantee at least three of those took place during the summertime.

Whether it was your first sexual experience, the first time you got high, or the first time you got “born again”, whether good or bad you were not the same you that you begin the summer as.

Well this summer will be no different, the test will come, and the choices you make will bring you either closer to your joy or closer to your misery. You will be left with a higher vibration or a lower one, but you will not be the same when these dog days of summer are over.

Q1. Are you prepared?
Q2. Do you have your “when shift happens” toolkit (mantras, prayers, etc)
Q3. Do you have all your spiritual mentors, advisers phone numbers stored in a safe place??
Q4. Have you found your spiritual support group to help you stay ‘cool’ when the heat is on?

Well if you answered yes or no to any of the questions above, It’s my pleasure to offer you as much help as I can to ensure you finish the summer where ‘you wanna be’ and not a frequency lower.

I’m always just an appointment away.  😉

Light & Love,



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