Your Zodiac Question for 2019

Your Zodiac Question for 2019

Despite the rush of the commercial holiday season this is actually the time of the year to be the most still and introspective. So please take it easy on yourself and be sure to go deep within to reflect just not on the previous year but your life up till now.

To help you out I have written some questions related to your zodiac sign that can help guide you during your time of reflection.

Be sure to make time during these next few days to be still and write or record your answer. No actions need to be taken just contemplation.

Happy Winter Solsticing . . 

Addam/From Adam

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Gemini: Are you ready to become and evolve into a more sincere Gemini-esq communicator–telling the necessary truths to others even if it means having them dislike you for a moment, season, or lifetime? Can you find positive ways to share truth, but with grace and sweetness? What is your fear that keeps you from giving people the truth they most need to know about you, themselves, life, and everything else?

Cancer: Are you ready to be free and release those you love but whose very presence keeps you in self-doubt and insecure of your worth and personal truth? How can you better manage these relationships without resorting to those Cancerian emotional manipulations or co-dependency? What other options exist for you that allow you to enjoy their company in more suitable ways that foster your overall emotional well being and personal expansion?

Leo: Has it been harder than normal lately for you to relax and go with the flow or relax and release having things go your way? What happens when you let go and release your Leo need to be in control? What has it been like when you are in resistance as a result of not getting your way? Is there a better balance for you to achieve regarding knowing when to go with the flow and when to make your demands?

Virgo: Have you had a hard time holding on to your joy? Is that Virgo mind of yours focusing too much on what you hate? How self-aware are you of what brings you true lasting joy versus the fleeting joy at the moment? Are you able to fully pursue your real lasting joy? Are you confident that you know what really brings you joy? What kind of people? What kind of activities? What kind of movies? What kind of social settings? What experiences truly refresh your soul, relax your mind and inspire your whole being?

Libra: Have you been able to identify your self-sabotaging tendencies and patterns? Or have you been struggling with playing the Victim? Playing the victim is a delicious game, but it can keep you from making real progress and experiencing real joy. How is your temptation to play the victim in romance, work, and with friends keeping you from getting more out of each of those areas? What are these Libra -esq mental narratives of victim-hood that tempt you? Can you recognize and not support them anymore?

Scorpio: You have been winning a lot lately in life but how can you include others more on your wins? How can you create possibilities from your success that ensure the success of everyone– even your haters and so-called enemies? Have you been careful to note that even though you have been coming out on top a lot, more than lately, that you do not look down on or take away from those struggling to come up? Can you be willing to give your hater a helping hand? Your Scorpion water energy can drown or transport someone. Like finding a harmless spider in your house, do you have to kill it dead or can you just help it find its way out of your house? One day, you too may find yourself out of place and will need to have the same supportive treatment given to you. How can you help others to find their success?

Sagittarius: We know you love to go with the flow, but what is your relationship with the word “discipline”? Do you hate it? Does it strike you as an ugly word? Do you see the love in self-discipline? Athletes train hard because they love competition. Can you let something or someone you love light your Sagittarius Fire to motivate you to become more disciplined? How can you use that love to be more disciplined in your spending? How can you use love to overcome your tendencies to over self-indulge? How can love help you become more disciplined in your fitness and nutrition?  

Capricorn: Have you realized how much better you do when it comes to your creative work or personal projects when you collaborate with others? As a Capricorn, you are very aware of relying on yourself to get things done, but are you aware of the power of teamwork in your life? How can you use the power of collaboration to accomplish more in your life? How can you contribute more to your family, group of friends, and co-workers? Do you see how your success is directly tied to your willingness to cooperate and collaborate with others? Are you willing to make necessary compromises and give respect to those who God has teamed you up with? Have you made your dream team yet? You have heard it said many times: “teamwork makes the dream work.” Do you realize this is true for you too Capricorn…????

Aquarius: Are you open to being love and being loved? Are you ready to experience the power of being vulnerable when it comes to love and loving? As an air sign, your mind tempts you to justify, with reason and logic, ways to avoid love. Are you ready to allow yourself to love deeply– everyone and everything, and learn as you grow? What does it look or feel like if you let the idea of love rule more of your life than you ever have?

Pisces: Are you living your everyday life inspired by your vision and dream? Do you have a clear vision and desirable future that you are working towards? How can you, daily, let this inspiration from the future move you to action and enthusiasm for the now? You have the power of the water element to be a big dreamer. Are you dreaming big and making the vision plain on paper? Are you making choices based on the visions of your future self or still making choices based on your temporary situations and circumstances? Don’t avoid the present, but do find beautiful ways to let your future visions inspire you in the now. How can you do this?

Aires: How much have you accepted your leadership calling and duties? Your fire nature makes you quick to act for yourself but are you quick to respond to leadership duties? Do you realize its something you can’t run away from? Either in work, family,

and friendships, your leadership is very much a part of your Dharma. Are you OK and surrendered to this? Or, are you fooling yourself into thinking everyone can do fine by themselves? Yes, they can, but they do much better with your leadership, support, inspirational guidance, and vision. Are you ready to live up to this whenever it is demanded of you?

Taurus: Focus has always been your friend and power, but can you stay in your power when your focus is being pulled by many distractions, ideas, and plans? Have you been able to find the one focus that you can rely on that connects all the many different things you need to focus on? Are you able to find the bigger and higher picture to focus on so you can do the smaller seemingly unrelated task and projects? What’s your one big idea or vision to always use as your primary focus? How can your Taurus tunnel vision on that one big idea benefit all the other ideas?

seemingly unrelated task and projects? What’s your one big idea or vision to always use as your primary focus? How can your Taurus tunnel vision on that one big idea benefit all the other ideas? 

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