What I do . .

What I do . .

I do this work through many different methods.

The Spirit & Progress Revelations: Inspiring Teachings and Presentations that help reveal the Spirit of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness that individuals can draw from to find meaningful ideals and values to aspire to.

Spiritual Life Mentoring; One on One Coaching or Small Groups that facilitate intuitive conversations and dialogues that bring forth higher truths and insights into the day to day situations and happenings in our everyday lives.

Psychic Advising;  Bringing clarity and confirmation to individuals in need of deeper insight into the hidden or non-visible energies and patterns involved in their challenging situations and forecasts of what to be on the lookout for based on those same energies and patterns.

Frequency Realignment Technique: An emotional freedom technique designed to help raise one’s over vibration and frequency to bring immediate emotional relief and mental peace that has become loss due to one’s misalignment with a negative functioning narrative or energy field.

The Light Worker Symposium; A weekend workshop designed to help awaken individuals to realizing themselves in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration and connect with their divine spiritual natures.

Online Sunday School: These in-person and on-line courses are designed to help one develop their own personal constitution as a frame work for how they can incorporate daily practices or schema for prioritizing their time and energies towards their Personal Spirituality.

Intuitive Development: Intuition is the function of the 6th sense and the means by which the Spirit of Truth communicates with the human mind. Developing your intuition is the key to strengthening your connection and sensitivity to the Spirit Nature Dwelling within you.

These are just the actualized material expressions of my work, the real work I do to help others is with me, and in me, as I continue to learn, expand and evolve through my own Human Experiences.

I hope you’ll be inspired by what you find here. Its’ my pleasure to serve your evolution.


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