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My name is Addam and I’m known as Addam from Adam by my tribe and mentees.

I work as a Spiritual Guidance Mentor, Psychic Adviser, Small Group Facilitator, Speaker, and Author.

As a Spiritual Guidance Mentor, I use the 7 pursuits of Spiritual Wellness to assist individuals one on one or in smalls groups in their spiritual wellness or the development of their personal religion.

My work as a Psychic Adviser supports individuals who are in need of higher insight, clarity, and confirmation. Using the Tarot as a guide for my intuition, I am able to offer deeper insight into the energies and patterns involved in your situation that you may not be aware of

I also enjoy working as a Speaker and present on different spiritual wellness topics and concepts.

As an Author I aim to publish articles and books that encourage and facilitate personal spiritual awareness and growth.

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